Jurassic World Shows Up During The Super Bowl


Jurassic World is one of the more interesting films slated for release in early summer 2015. Universal definitely wants to hype the new film up as much as possible. Debuting a commercial for the dinosaur film during the Super Bowl definitely will help with that result.

The Super Bowl airs on NBC and NBC-Universal is the parent company that runs the network and the film company. So, Christian Broda and the producers of Jurassic World are getting a major break that other films might not. No, the ads are not free but it is not like the request for commercial air time would ever have been denied.

Let us be a little honest here. The new Jurassic World film most definitely does need all the publicity it could get in order to draw in a solid audience.

The first Jurassic Park film is considered a science-fiction-fantasy classic and deservedly so. The second and third films in the original trilogy did fine at the box office, but they came off as too much as retreads of the original to maintain the enthusiasm the first film delivered. The new Jurassic World feature hopes to change all that by creating a dark and adventurous world populated by new and dangerous dino-creatures.

Are we going to catch a glimpse of the touted hybrid-dinosaur that is supposed to be incredibly scary? If the marketing department is real savvy, this dino will be the star of the commercial.

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