LocationSmart – Fleet Management

When scaling through the LocationSmart lineup, we come across this idea of procuring a better way to manage your driver fleets. Anyone involved in a business that employs more than 10,000 users often knows the ins and outs about truck deliveries, how to manage an operational workload, and has some knowledge in the field of logistics. On the marketplace today, there are so many different programs claiming to offer the latest and greatest in fleet management systems. These individual interfaces can track loads, assign how much of a load to fill upon drop-off, and create that communication between merchant and shipper as to how a delivery will be handled. LocationSmart offers these same benefits and more at a fraction of the cost.

The idea of fleet tracking often carries many different vehicle add-ons or expensive hardware and firmware to be placed in-house. With the idea of utilizing the cloud-based services offered by LocationSmart, this hardware becomes obsolete. The connectivity comes through the use of mobile device tracking, which can be gained from the use of a personal or company provided cell phone. The real-time results offered through the streamlining of these devices creates the development plans needed to respond to changes quickly and strengthen your workforce in a smooth fashion. This also crates a model for two-way communication that doesn’t require additional software or add-ons. This is the total communication package that is offered well below the price of competitors within this space.

Fleet management is also increased when utilizing the LocationSmart system. Tracking your drivers and their load processing skills allows you to better determine how much they can handle. For example, you can track a driver’s travel path, deciding what areas may have slowed him down (big cities, traffic jams, accidents, etc.) and adapt accordingly. If you know a driver will have to travel through a more active city, you are going to have top delay your delivery marks. By adapting to these changes quickly and placing the correct time frame into your portals, you can better meet your productivity and delivery goals. Tracking a driver can also assist with any roadside help. The signal connection and cloud usage delivers a message in less than a second. Responding with urgency can be a matter of saved time and energy. When you save on all aspects of time during the freight moving process, you can better allocate this time for gaining more loads, increasing your bottom line, and creating a system that is as fluid as they come. The overall difference noticed when utilizing the LocationSmart system to operate and control your fleet will save you money and time. In the business world, time is money, so saving it can really add to the overall funds you have to throw into this crucial process of movement.


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