Lovaganza: Hard At Work Preparing The “Convoy Trilogy” And The “Extravaganza of Love”


Filmmakers Jean François and Genevieve Gagnon founded the film company Lovaganza in 2012. Taking its inspiration from World’s Fairs of the past, Lovaganza hopes to bring the world together through the magical medium of film. Right now, Lovaganza is hard at work preparing for their 2020 worldwide celebration.


The 2020 worldwide festivities will take place in America, Europe, Asia, Oceanaia, Africa, and the Middle East from May to September. Lovaganza will use the most modern film equipment available to tell their cinematic stories.


The central event of the 2020 show, however, is not a film. Lovaganza is preparing a live performance called “Extravaganza of Love” which will take place at the fair’s main pavilion. This show will feature some of the best dancers, acrobats, and actors from many different cultures. In the background of this exciting performance, Lovagnaza will project images of the earth on a 360-degree glassless 3D wraparound screen. This screen is currently called an Immerscope, and Lovaganza will show some of their films exclusively using this immersive technology.


So, what film is Lovaganza planning on showing on the Immerscope. Well, the Lovaganza team is now working hard on the “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy.” Two of these films will be premiered before the actual Lovaganza 2020 celebrations, but they will also be shown on Immerscope at the 2020 fair.


The “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy” follows a young priest who’s on a journey to stop war for good. These films are also called the “Bohemian Adventure.”


The inspiration for these films comes from the great shorts produced during the Great Depression. You can expect to see cliffhangers, old-fashioned outfits, and vintage vehicles in many of these pictures. Lovaganza hopes that the mixture of the past scenarios in the films with the futuristic technology of Immerscope will bring both the past and the future into the present for all viewers.


The first film in this trilogy is called “Follow Your Sunshine” and it’s set to be released in 2018. This film will follow the priest as he leaves his parish to spread the message of universal love.


The second film, called “The Prophecy,” will be released in 2019. In this film, the priest will learn about a nefarious secret organization called the Invisible Hand. The priest must combat the diabolical forces of this organization with the help of Emijean Spark, a child who has a strange and special gift.


The final film, called “The New World,” will premier at the 2020 festival. In this final installment of the series, the priest and Emijean Spark will face the Invisible Hand head-on in a climactic final battle.


Lovaganza will film these three movies all around the globe. Some of these locations include France, Spain, the USA, India, and Africa.


A few ads and screen tests have been released online for the “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy.” Many filmgoers were surprised to see famous French actress Marie Ange Casta in a few of these ads. Casta has told French reporters that she will appear in the second film.


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