Luciana Lossio’s Courtroom Journey

In 1999 Luciana Lossio graduated from the University Centre of Brasilia with a degree in Law. She took a specialization in Electoral Law. Her diverse experience in the study of the law saw her become a member of Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law. She is holds three other degrees. She has taken the first degree in Civil Procedure, the second degree in State and Constitution and the third degree in Legal Order and Prosecution, which she acquired recently. As a lawyer, she has managed to represent high profile clients and government officials. It raised her working profile in the field of law and saw her secure a chance to work in the Attorney General’s office. She has served with the office for seven years. During the period in which she worked in the Attorney General’s office, she gave opinions on crucial processes with the Superior Electoral Court. During these operations, she followed the law to the book when granting her advice.

In 2011, the Superior Electoral Court was in the course of searching for a qualified person who would seal the gap in the court. Luciana Lossio represented her interest in occupying the most coveted seat in the field of law. The Bar Association of Brazil had a task at hand to find the most suitable person. The office needed someone with acceptable and high values so as to ensure the institution was in safe hands. The body needed to function by the law especially during that crucial period where elections would hold the following year. Luciana Lossio passed the test because of her experience of being able to handle cases of high complexity. She became the first female lawyer to become a Minister of the Superior Electoral Court.

Apart from being a strong believer of the legal law, Luciana Lossio is a jack of all trades. She spends her free time in horseback riding. It’s a hobby that has slowly turned into a passion. She discovered this hobby when she was only six years of age. This passion has seen her bring home awards. She has won the prestigious Title of Brazilian Champion Amateur Jump. She has also won an award of the Society Hipica Brasília. Her father is her biggest supporter, and this has motivated her to an extent of representing Brazil abroad in horseback riding games. Being competent in all that she does, she has a promising future which may see her contribute substantially to the Brazilian law system.

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