Martin Campbell in Talks for G.I. Joe 3

Of course with the release of the other two movies based on the hasbro toys, it was only a matter of time before they started working on a third installment to the G.I. Joe series. Martin Campbell is in talks to direct the upcoming feature. Dave and Brit Morin and other fans of Campbell are certainly looking forward to his take on the series. With directing efforts such as Goldeneye, The Zorro series, and Casino Royale under his belt, Campbell seems like a great candidate to bring life into a series that is hanging onto life by a single thread.

This installment will focus on expanding Roadblock’s story. There are other rumors surrounding the the third movie. Possible plot points could involve the return of a character who was believed to be dead. While Campbell was successful with he bond films, he has also had some tanks in his belt as well. Green Lantern turned out to be a complete disaster under Campbell’s direction.

Let’s pray that Campbell returns to form with this directorial effort and makes an action film that we know he’s capable of creating. The series may not come close to capturing the spirit of the comics or the cartoons, but with the right director, it could come into its own in the motion picture medium.

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