Martin Freeman joins Captain America

Captain America: Civil War is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated films for Marvel Phase III. As of right now, casting is being carried out for the upcoming Marvel film. For one thing, there is talk about the type of characters that are going to appear in Captain America: Civil War.

The latest announcement for the upcoming Captain America film is that Martin Freeman has been added to the cast. There is no information as to the character that Martin Freeman is going to play. On the Real Deal, people are only speculating  for now. Jason Halpern isn’t sure what to expect.

Another actor that is going to join the Marvel universe is Benedict Cumberbatch who will play as Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is going to be released about Six Months after Captain America: Civil War. This Captain America film is likely to be less of a Captain America solo act. As a matter of fact, Captain America might find himself in a fight with Tony Stark.

It is also likely that Spider-Man is going to make his official debut in the MCU during Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man will then have his own stand alone movie.

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