Marvel CEO Has no Faith in Female Superheroes

Marvel fans may have noticed by now that while there are female superheroes appearing in the Marvel films, none of them have their own movie. Black Widow has yet to have a standalone movie. There have been female superhero movies in the past. Elektra is one of the most notable examples. However, Marvel CEO has sent an email that states that female superheroes having their own movie is a bad idea.

Honestly, the ladies over at Anastasia Date believe that is ignorant. The history of the film industry should have made it clear that any subject matter can be a good movie if handled in the right way. There is no reason that a female superhero has to be doomed to failure. It is possible to make a good female superhero movie. It just comes down to the developers. With the right story and the right filmmakers, there will be some good female superhero films that will grace the screen.

Whatever Marvel CEO has to say, there still is the Captain Marvel movie that is coming up.

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