Matt Smith and Natalie Dormer Sign on for ‘Patient Zero’

Matt Smith became one of the most popular English actors in show business thanks to his portrayal as the quirky timelord in the storied ‘Doctor Who’ franchise.  Fans of the actor can rest easy though as Matt Smith has already attached himself to some quality projects, including the science fiction thriller ‘Patient Zero’. In this film he will co-star with ‘Game of Thrones’ own Natalie Dormer.

‘Patient Zero’ is an original screenplay by writer Mike Le. Stefan Ruzowitzky is slated to helm the project as the director. Ruzowitzky is coming off of his Oscar winning foreign film ‘The Counterfeiters’. In ‘Patient Zero’ the story is focused on a global viral outbreak of a sort of super virus reminiscent of rabies that turns humanity into a form of zombie. Jason Halpern says in the project Smith will play the lead, a husband who is desperate to find a cure for his recently infected love (played by Dormer). In the film Smith will be tasked with hunting down the eponymous ‘Patient Zero’ to try and save the day.

The film does not have a time line for release and Matt Smith is currently entangled in the next ‘Terminator’ film, ‘Gensiys’.

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  1. His character has purportedly gotten a knock in the story and we can hope to see him in those parts until 2017. Similar to the idea of the arrangement, the part was not all Smith’s thus he resigned from it in 2013 for Peter Capaldi to assume control. It is quit easy for paper cheap review to understand everything and use it so well in advance and it makes sense too for them.

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