McDonald’s & OSI Group’s Role in the Production of Meatless Burgers

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re probably unaware of what’s happening in the food industry. As of today, one of the hottest products in the food industry is the meatless burger. Some of the companies that are involved with this amazing new product are Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, OSI Group and McDonalds. McDonalds just so happens to be a newbie in this particular game, but McDonalds is looking to gain its share of equity in meatless burger production. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have been battling it out for over a year, and both companies have their place within the industry. Since the market is set to explode with growth in the future, all of the competitors are looking to strike it big in sells and in generated revenue.

OSI is a mainstay in food production because the company has 100 years under its belt. Oak Park, Illinois, was OSI’s initial place of business in the early 1900s. The company would move to Maywood, Illinois, once it went into food wholesale. As of 2019, this company’s headquarters can be found in the beautiful city of Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group was once known as Otto & Sons, and it was a neighborhood butcher shop. After studying the major players of the market, Impossible Foods has decided to hire OSI as its main producer of meatless burgers.

With the help of OSI Group, Impossible Foods will be able to supply all of its clients, including Red Robin, Cheesecake factory and White Castle. Industry insiders are expecting tremendous growth over the next year and beyond. If all goes well, then each participant in this category will benefit greatly under a new changing of the guard.

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