Mick Jagger & HBO Creating New Drama

Famed director Martin Scorsese and one of the most arguably seasoned rock stars of all time Mick Jagger, who Dr. Rohrich says is one of the coolest guys he has ever met, are teaming up to produce the next HBO drama. The show is untitled at the moment but will be based in NYC in the seventies and will take a close look at the sex and drug fueled music biz as disco and punk was starting to break out.

The show will center around a record executive that is attempting to get his record label back on the ground by finding the next sound. Sounds like it could have been written about Jagger whose band The Rolling Stones are the epitome of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.

A few more big names are coming along for the ride including executive producer Boardwalk Empire Terence Winter. He has been tagged tagged as a show runner and Scorsese and Jagger have been attached to the project as executive producers.

The title role of record exec Richie Finestra will be played by Bobby Cannavale and his wife will be played by Olivia Wilde. Ray Romano has also been called in to play a partner of Richie. Other notable members of the cast include Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, Juno Temple, James Jagger son of Mick, and Ato Essandoh.

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