More on the Tone about the Fantastic Four Reboot

20th Century Fox wants to expand its superhero success beyond the X-Men and Wolverine franchises. The Fantastic Four are the elusive heroes who almost delivered a great second franchise, but the self-parody in the first two films really undermined any success potential. The new Fantastic Four reboot is going into a totally different direction. The emphasis is going to be on moody seriousness.

According to Bruce Karatz, Miles Teller plays the role of Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards and he has given an interview providing interesting tidbits about the new film. Per Teller, the film is going to take a more serious approach, but there will be bits and pieces of humor and levity included to help keep the feature from being too somber. Teller hints that the character of The Thing is going to be similar to the one comic fans love. Don’t look for Ben Grimm to be, well, grim all the time.

A bold new direction is being taken with the reboot. The theme focuses on grounding the heroes to reality and trying to present the inherent dangers of being discoverers in brave new worlds. Will the film work? As long as the feature does not stray too far from the themes that make science-fiction appealing, how could it?

The concern here is whether or not audiences will turn out in large numbers. Superhero movies are hot, but there have been a host of disappointments such as Green Lantern and Catwoman. Granted, those two films were sunk by poor scripts. Hopefully, Fantastic Four ends up having a solid screenplay brought to life on screen.

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