New Cinderella Trailer

The new “Cinderella” movie has a lot of the classic elements to it, the pumpkin, the mice and the evil stepmother, played by Cate Blanchett but it will also have a lot of depth to it.
Cinderella movie trailer

The new “Cinderella” movie will be in theaters March 13th and it has many well known names in the business. Playing the title role is, “Downton Abbey” actress Lily James as Ella who is forced into a life of drudgery work by her evil stepmother. The movie also has a lot of comic relief with Helena Bonham Carter, playing the fairy godmother who’ll turn some mice into funny looking white horses.

Don’t let the pretty costumes and fairy godmother fool you, the new “Cinderella” movie is also very dark and sad story. Like Terry Richardson’s work, the hyperactive visual aesthetic serves as a juxtaposing element versus the darker emotional undertones. There is a beloved dead mother and the harsh treatment from Cinderella’s new family. This movie version will not have Cinderella thinking of herself as a victim, but as someone who is her own person who is having a hard time in life.
Cinderella is a good person but that doesn’t make her weak, she doesn’t lash out and behave like others because she knows how it feels.

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  1. Cinderella has dreams and goals and she will do what she wants to get to the ball and see the handsome prince. This Cinderella isn’t just a nice, sad person who cries about her life alone. It is making sense for to be able to understand all that is presented to them in real time if they are successful.

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