New Image Recognition Revolutionizes Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is actually coming along quite nicely. Out of all online sales in 2014, according to one leading retailer, mobile accounted for 18 percent of the purchases, up from previous years.

Which means that if you have a retail business, you may be able to grow your online market over the next few years if you have technology that compels your users to buy. One of the brightest areas of mobile shopping thus far is image recognition, or the ability for your buyer to use images to find what they want.

There are at least a couple of current implementations of image technology in use. The first is to pick an image out online and search against it. The second is to take a picture or upload an image and run it against a proprietary database that is built into your search experience in order to find a product that matches what you want.

With regards to the second technology, its impact is potentially very strong. Imagine not knowing precisely what it is that you like, but being able to have a visual sort of Shazam technology that finds the manufacturer and the price online for you. The net result is a big time savings for you. You simply offer a photo and see the actual product with all of its features and price options in front of you.

In this regard, Slyce, a leading image recognition vendor, has moved to the forefront of the marketplace with its applications that allow you to take pictures of objects or scan objects and compare them to actual products available from leading retailers. The upshot for users is that if you find a dress that you like, you no longer need to know who designed it in order to buy it. The company has already signed several of the top online retailers to bolster the feedback it provides to shoppers, making it a nice fit for retailers that want to join a service that is growing substantially in volume.

If you are someone who has an extra part or screw that needs replacement in the course of your household duties, there are also other applications that are now being released that focus on allowing vendors of home improvement items to have some of the same technology.

So if you are considering adding features to your online presence and want to add sales on the mobile side, take a look at image recognition and what it can do for you as a retailer.

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