NYC Entrepreneur Glenn Schlossberg Shares How Regular Vacations Make Him More Productive

Jump Design Group’s Founder and Chief Executive Glenn Schlossberg says that it didn’t take him long into his career to find out that vacations are critical. At the beginning of his career, he bought into the whole “go, go, go” mantra of working 12 hours a day or more. It was after overhearing a conversation at clothing convention that things changed for him.

He listened to a keynote speaker when they explained that people are more productive when they give themselves extended breaks from work. Glenn Schlossberg thought that was a really interesting idea so he decided to try it. He started taking long vacations and found that his productivity went up instead of declining. He was better able to encourage his team at Jump Design Group to be more productive as well.

People who work more than eight hours a day are setting themselves up for failure. Research shows that getting away from work regularly improves productivity, creativity, and attitude. Glenn Schlossberg says he knows this from personal experience, having been taking vacations for the past 30 years. His company continues to grow and exceed his expectations so he’s doing something right.

According to, he often takes working vacations. He travels to the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia, so he can meet with suppliers, business partners, and potential buyers and clients. He always leaves time on these trips to have a little detour. For example, when Glenn Schlossberg last visited London he went to a MacLaren test-driving facility where he got to drive one of these cars for himself on a private tour.

At home in New York City, Glenn Schlossberg enjoys racing as well. He collects automobiles and motorcycles. He also finds time to race cars and enjoys the adrenaline rush. When he travels to other cities for work, Glenn Schlossberg will sometimes invite members of his team to join him. On the London trip, he brought along one of his executives, Ashish, who got to drive a McLaren as well. He’s pretty sure he converted Ashish into a car enthusiast that day.

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