Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender has most likely played a large role in your life. He is a movie producer who has worked on some of the most popular movies in the last two decades. He graduated from the University of Maine in 1979 with a degree in civil engineering. He pursued his dream as a professional dancer until an injury sidelined him.

Lawrence Bender began his career in film by working behind the scenes on various products during the 1980s. He produced the film Intruder, in which he worked with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

In 1992 Lawrence Bender produced Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. He went on to produce most of Tarantino’s movies and a host of others. The Bender produced 1994 hit, Pulp Fiction, further increased Tarantino’s fame and made the film maker a household name. This now legendary movie is famous for its groundbreaking performances by Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Madsen, and John Travolta.

Lawrence Bender’s resume as a producer includes award winning films as well as groundbreaking projects. 2006’s An Inconvenient Truth is a member of both of these categories. It was a socially relevant film that alerted the world to a growing environmental problem. It also received an Academy Award for best documentary.

Bender has also worked in television. In 2000 he co-founded the production company, Bender Brown Productions. They worked on such projects as, Dr. Vegas and the SyFy miniseries, EarthSea. He also serves as the Executive Producer for the Netflix Series, Seven Seconds.

Lawrence Bender recognized Quentin Tarantino’s talent early on and helped to bring his projects to life. Bender’s Hollywood longevity may be a result of his eye for talent and knowledge of what moviegoers want. His various projects have been recognized for their quality and their social relevance. He continues to produce entertaining, thought provoking, content that conveys real stories for the public to enjoy.

Shervin Pishevar’s State of the Union: A 21 Hour Twitter Discourse

Yet he returned to the spotlight in February in an all-encompassing tweet storm that covered everything from bonds, bitcoins, infrastructure, and Elon Musk.

The plummeting stock market seemed to be the impetus behind the 21 hour discourse. After the stock market’s February fall, Pishevar tweeted a series of fifty points detailing his market predictions. As 2018’s gains were wiped out with the stock market’s fall, Pishevar posited that 2017’s gains will also be wiped out due to “rising interest rates, increasing credit account deficits and tax giveaways.” He went on to argue that the practice of quantitative easing may have helped reset markets but has been used too many times to be effective. Quantitive Easing [sic] is only thing that has ever had long term predictable results out of their toolset. Don’t be fooled by it.”

Shervin Pishevar then turned to the future of the bitcoin (“Bitcoin will continue to crash but stabiliza at 2-5k range and begin a more stable rise over next 24 mos’s”) and the sad state of US infrastructure (“Meanwhile our infrastructure is in tatters, decrypt and decaying. Our government and companies are trapped in short term thinking.”). On a more positive note, Pishevar believes that crumbling infrastructure will create at least one positive result for Virgin Hyperloop, of which Shervin Pishevar is co-founder: “Moonshot like SpaceX + Virgin Hyperloop One rise but they suffer derision until teams will it to reality. Exceptions to rule.”

The ideas Pishevar expressed on Twitter do not represent new ideas. He has expressed them all before. Still, they are still worth consideration. Shervin Pishevar’s 2008 prediction regarding Facebook’s eventual identity crisis proves his canny ability to predict the future. Somewhere within his 50 tweets is sure to be much more than just a grain of truth.

The Popular Host Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a prominent figure in the media and the entertainment industry. He is the host of the music competition series American Idol as well as an award- winning creative entrepreneur, holding prestigious positions as a national and local radio host. Host Ryan Seacrest has also made notable philanthropic efforts with a focus on youth-oriented initiatives, such as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He hosts for radio as well, including On Air with Ryan Seacrest, a nationally syndicated Los Angeles morning show for iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KIIS-FM in addition to another nationally syndicated Top 40 show.

Additionally, Seacrest is the co-host and executive producer of the Disney/ABC morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan, and he hosts and executive produces ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, in addition to award shows such as E! Live from the Red Carpet, which he also hosts. He also heads Ryan Seacrest Productions(RSP), an award-winning production company that produces notable programs such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset, I love Kellie Pickler, Shades of Blue, Insatiable, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and the Youtube series Best.Cover.Ever.

He also has released a rapidly growing menswear collection, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, and Polished by Dr. Lancer, a men’s skincare line under partnership with accredited dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. He also has endorsement relationships with brands such as Coca-Cola and Ford. His philonathropic activities include serving as chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation(RSF), which builds broadcast media centers, entitled Seacrest Studios, in pediatric hospitals, granting patients access to the creative outlets of radio, television, and media.

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Ireland’s Jim Larkin Co-Founded American Communist Party

Jim Larkin is a legend and folk hero in his home country of Ireland, but fewer people know that this pioneer of the Irish labor union movement was also the co-founder of the American Communist Party.

It was in 1914 that Larkin decided it was time to get out of Ireland after the tumultuous events of the infamous 1913 Dublin Lockout. This was a massive union strike of more than 20,000 workers against some 300 employers.

The conflict was long, often violent and tested the people of Ireland to the core. It ended in a victory for Big Business — although the long-term effect of the Lockout had lasting positive effects for the cause of labor and the urban poor.

In the aftermath of the painful strike, the situation was rife with danger. Larkin wisely choose to flee to the United States as the dust settled. But that didn’t mean Larkin planned to meekly hide and bide his time while in America.

He immediately began seeking out contacts he had with other communists, socialists and union advocates in New York so that he could continue his life’s work.

Larkin teamed up with Ben Gitlow, a prominent American socialist and author of the book, “I Confess.” Ironically, Gitlow would go on to become one of America’s most vehement anti-communists after becoming disillusioned with his early life of radical politics.

Unlike Gitlow, Jim Larkin never wavered from his belief in the precepts of socialism — though he famously rejected the Russian brand of communism in favor of a purely Irish cause — a focus on uplifting the lower class workers who had been exploited by the powerful elite for centuries.

His work in America landed him in prison, however. Almost from the moment he set foot on U.S. soil in 1914, Larkin was being closely watched by both British spies and American federal agents who were already deeply paranoid about the growing communist movement in Europe.

Larkin was arrested for agitating and promotion of “social anarchy.” He sent to Sing Sing Prison where he served three years until he was pardoned and deported back to Ireland.

Anti-aging 101: Jason Hope’s Contribution to the Industry

In the world that we live in, there are so many kinds of diseases and health problems experienced all over the earth. The health problems can range from petty illnesses to life-threatening ones. One thing that many people around the world are not taking seriously is the one inescapable condition that affects every human being, aging. Individuals and organizations focus so much on the other diseases forgetting aging.

Aging is a natural process that cannot be escaped, it occurs to everyone healthy or not healthy. Old age also comes with other diseases that can result in a reduced quality of life and can greatly have an emotional impact on the other members of the family. It is so unfortunate that health organizations are focusing more on curing the illnesses rather than focusing on the preventive measures.

Jason Hope, an Arizona philanthropist, and a businessman has embraced a diverse methodology. He is using his own financing to assist innovative organizations that have a mission to change the way healthcare organizations fight and treat the effects of aging. Jason Hope seeks to reverse, and slow down the process of aging, therefore, helping many people.

One of the organizations that have benefited from the charities from Jason Hope is the SENS foundation that uses biotechnology to invent new ways of combating and treating, and preventing illnesses hence improving the human life. The scientific discovery biotech sector comprises of the use and study of living organism to develop new products that are mainly concentrated in improving the lives of human beings around the world. The organization also includes the enhancement of agricultural methods for a better food production as well as enhancing the understanding of how medication can fight illnesses and improve the quality of life.

Thanks to the donation made by Jason Hope to the SENS foundation, the organization has been able to develop medications that are known as AGE- breakers. These drugs are tailored to eliminate advanced glycation end-product. The substance prevents aging by building up in the human flesh as they age. Recently, researchers identified the most predominant type of glycation end- product in the human body. The SENS foundation continues with its pursuit to develop the best substance that will banish the glycation from the skin and veins. Jason Hope has empowered the researchers through his donations which will help them register the equipment, expertise and research hours that are needed determine how the removal of glycation in the skin and veins can help change the way human being age and radically extend the normal lifespan of a human being.

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Glen Wakeman and His Take On Being Successful In Any Industry

There is no doubt that as he continues in his career, Glen Wakeman leaves his unique impression on the business world. He often explains in his videos ways to be successful in any industry. He explains the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with friends and acquaintances to ensure success in business. Glen also stresses the importance of helping the communities that your business houses its headquarters and other locations you may have offices in. Glen is a man you would want to watch his success and tune into his YouTube Channel so learn better ways to be successful in business.

Glen Wakeman is a man who received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton Pennsylvania in 1981. He then decided to continue his education by going to the University of Chicago where he received his Master of Business Administration degree in 1991. It was at these college campuses where Glen discovered his love for the business world (

Once he obtained his MBA, he embarked on his 20-year career of which he held positions in operations, technology, business development, general management, country management and regional management. During these 20 years working with General Electric he lived and worked in countries such as Europe, Asia and South America. With his decades of experience, it makes him the perfect candidate for one of the leading business mentors in world.

Glen Wakeman feels so passionately about assisting other business people successful that he decided to create a toolkit called Launch Pad. This is a toolkit that was specifically designed to help fellow business men and women to realize goals and reach their true potential. One of the many ways he works on this with his students, is by asking them to test their own abilities before requesting other to follow the same practices. Glen is a firm believer that it is extremely important for his students to make mistakes in the early stages of their business. This is because if they make these mistakes later in the business stages it could be financially devasting.


Sean Penn’s New Novel: Bob Honey

57 year old Sean Penn has done it, He has written a novel called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The book was available for purcahse in late March of 2018. The book involves the life of Bob Honey and his adventures as a political activist. Bob Honey is desperate for change. Bob also has anger issues that leads him to commit violent acts.


Sean Penn talks about how Bob Honey is motivated by his own political beliefs. Indeed it seems to be a critique of the Trump Administration. Penn is involved in political activism and has been for a few decades. He has traveled to places including Iran, Iraq, and Cuba. He traveled with other political leaders in hope to bring and democracy and world peace. Penn has had many words to say about the policies of the Trump Administration. He’s had a very big opinion of Donald Trump, calling him an enemy of mankind.


Furthermore, Penn states he’s just ready for the writer’s life. He is not really feeling the acting although he believes that there’s joy in it. Critics did not believe that Penn would be transitioning over to the writing world from the acting world. This was rather surprising to most. Penn is enjoying writing and is currently planning his next project. He is planning on writing a sequel to Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Penn says that he will continue to keep his critics wondering and guessing and on their toes. He plans to stay one step ahead of them. Sean mentions to Rolling Stone that while he was writing his novel, he felt pretty free. He just went for it and kept at it. Penn has embraced the writer’s life and he also wonders why it took him so long to do so. He questioned himself as to why he waited so long.


When it comes to writing, Penn felt like he was free and that he could be more productive. Another thing is the book puts an emphasis on the world “We”. Sean says that “If we don’t balance our lives between the I and the We, we don’t move forward – we move back. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff sounds like quite the novel.

Perfecting Your Spring 2018 Makeup Game With Lime Crime

Now that spring is here, there are endless opportunities to go out and showcase your newest looks. Before you do, however, make sure that you know the basics of nailing a spring makeup look.

Make Sure You Have A Good Foundation

A good foundation is essential for making your look work. There are a few key things to think about when looking for a foundation that will work best for you.

Powder or Liquid? – There are two basic types of foundation, powder and liquid. Generally, those with drier skin will want to opt for a liquid foundation, and those with oily skin will want to go with a powder foundation.

Does it Come In Your Tone? – The second major consideration to take into account when purchasing foundation is whether it matches your skin tone. Most makeup stores will have a variety of tones to choose from, and some even have employees dedicated to helping you find a foundation that matches your skin tone best.

Don’t Neglect Your Eyeliner

Whether you’re going for a loud glam rock look or a more modest one, eyeliner is an absolute must. Eyeliner is a crucial part of the makeup around your eye area. It calls attention to the shape of your eyes and makes them seem larger. You can use either a gel or pencil eyeliner as long as you understand how to apply it correctly.

Experiment With Spring Colors

Now that spring is here, there’s a whole new palette of colors in style! Generally, colors like pink and purple come into season around this time. Conveniently, a company called Lime Crime has collected what we consider the definitive palette for spring in their Venus 3 eye shadow kit. It’s a unique palette, consisting of the pinks and purples that spring makeup is known for as well as some glittered and complimentary colors.

NGP VAN Develops Digital Solutions For Campaign Fundraisers

Overseeing a political campaign is a complex issue that can become quite expensive. Fundraising takes strategic planning and must be well-coordinated to successfully raise the money needed to generate political victory.


The Federal Election Committee reported in 2016 that the average expenditures for a winning campaign for United States Senator were well over $10 million. For campaigns seeking a seat in the House of Representatives, the average cost was $1.5 million. It has even been observed at the state and local levels that the cost of running a successful campaign for office is only getting more expensive.


More and more campaigns are turning to advanced technology to monitor progress and track campaign spending. A leader in the production of these technological advances is NGP VAN, an organization that provides digital solutions for Democratic and other progressive candidates, as well as parties in the non-profit sector.


By using NGP VAN products, managers of campaigns can organize and view data through an online interface that comes completes with charts and graphs to conveniently structure the mass of information. NGP VAN software has been used to power some of the largest political undertakings in the country including the successful 2008 and 2012 campaigns of former United States President Barack Obama.


Digital platforms like the one provided by NGP VAN is perfectly designed to integrate with other digital strategies such as peer-to-peer lending, email campaigning, and social media interaction. The technology provides the added benefit of consolidating campaign donations so that potential donors can make smaller but consistent donations to a campaign that they wish to support.


Through the products provided by NGP VAN, fundraising staff is now equipped with the tools to build a digital list of sponsors across a variety of platforms to build a network of contributors. This technology also provides donors with the ability to track their own donations as desired.


Technology like that which is provided by NGP VAN counters the idea that fundraising for campaigns is somehow an equivalent to collecting donations for a charity. Both hired staff, as well as volunteers, are more likely to enthusiastically seek campaign donations for candidates when not encumbered with thoughts of soliciting charity. The concept here is that donors give money to protect their own personal political interests and support the candidate that they feel is the best match to protect those interests. The technology provided by NGP VAN gives campaigns the best opportunity to capitalize on this viewpoint.


OSI Food Solutions remains among top food companies worldwide

OSI Food Solutions has been in operation for well over a century and have continued to show excellence in the food industry. With an origin back in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois, the family meat market opened by Otto Kolschowsky flourished as a major meat supplier. They would go on to supply early start-up McDonald’s with fresh ground beef patties in 1955 and opened a high-volume meat plant in Chicago in 1973. The company was ranked as the 136th largest private company via Forbes in 2011. Today they are among America’s top 100 food companies, and an award-winning operation as well.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions received the prestigious Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. This particular award was given out to 18 different organizations around the world based on how well their management handled environmental risks. This criterion was measured by the British Safety Council’s audit scheme conducted from August of 2015 through July of 2016. OSI had to achieve five stars on the audits throughout this period. In addition, OSI had to demonstrate excellence in environmental management to an independent panel of experts. This excellence had to be shown from their shop floor to the boardroom in order to qualify OSI for the award.

The award was presented to OSI Food Solutions UK during a special awards luncheon in November of 2016 at the Drapers’ Hall in London. OSI’s Kelly Grimwood, who serves as Environmental Manager Europe, received the award on behalf of the company from Mike Robinson, the Chief Executive of the British Safety Council. During the presentation, Robinson credited the leadership of an organization as helping to achieve excellence. Robinson added that good leadership can help to “inspire people towards excellence,” which OSI continues to do with their employees.

The privately-owned company’s headquarters continues to successfully operate from Aurora, Illinois. The company provides fresh and frozen meat products to many clients. They operate 65 facilities worldwide in at least 17 countries, with over 200,000 employees working for them, providing massive reach. Due to their global reach, they are able to utilize extensive vendor resources. The company also uses innovative ideas and products in order to facilitate different aspects of meat processing.

With their abilities to purchase new equipment or adapt their processing methods, OSI Food Solutions can work with clients to make sure they get exactly what they want. It’s no surprise that they are as successful as they are and receiving awards within their industry as OSI continues to meet their client’s changing needs.

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