How Alex Hern Becomes An Early Investor

Alex Hern understands how fast technology can change, and he uses that fact to create fortunes. His history includes everything from mobile to email software. The tech and finance industries follow his advice for a reason. When he predicts something will happen, it usually will happen. That success is making his new venture into virtual reality into a talking point among investors. They can see Alex Hern has a knack for promoting innovation, and he can blaze a trail for others to follow. However, he isn’t in vesting in a new gaming experience. He wants to use VR to improve business communication. There aren’t too many investors with this idea, but that’s why he’s likely to succeed. Read more about Alex Hern at

Business meetings are boring affairs we pull through for our financial sake. Virtual reality applications are firmly in the entertainment territory. It would seem the combination of the two won’t work, but Tsunami VR is making it work. The tech company is giving businesses around the world solutions to the communication issues they face today. Communicating in virtual worlds isn’t the same as a phone call or video chatting. It gives the participants an experience similar to a conversation in the real world. Visit to know more.

The experience of virtual reality sets it apart from other mediums. When you enter a virtual world, you perceive objects as if they are actually in front of you. When you talk to someone in a virtual world, you might “remember” the conversation as a part of your real life. Alex Hern is laying the foundations for something great. Virtual workspaces are currently novel, but they will become the standard in decades to come. His decision to invest in this technology as early as possible gives him an edge. How he’ll use that edge is for him to decide.



Southridge Capital’s success in more than two decades

The financial market is without a doubt the most unpredictable and volatile market in the world. Fortunately, for many, the existence of Southridge Capital as a financial companion has been of great help to many companies. Southridge Capital as a market trendsetter has one of the most skilled financial experts in financial markets, and this explains why the company has been able to invest successfully close to 2 billion dollars in the past 22 years. Through its well-structured team, the company has also been of great help to private companies going public as well as being instrumental in providing real-time business advisory to young and established companies as well as providing financial solutions.

As a company in the fast-changing world of finance, Southridge Capital is in touch with new trends. With the skilled human resource in this company, the company has analyzed the cryptocurrency in the past five years. In the analyzing of blockchain technology, the company has navigated how a standard financial institution can benefit from this technology. The company, for example, explains the importance and the good disruptive reality the cryptocurrency has introduced in the financial market. Besides, the decentralization of currency and security of each transaction is revolutionary as far as the consistency in money market is concerned.

The success story of this financial company is incomplete without mentioning Stephen M. Hicks. As an experienced financial guru in the competitive USA market, he has guided Southridge to what we know today. As a founder of this revolutionary company, Southridge Capital wanted to bring his expertise in risk arbitrage, different financial structuring and investment banking closer to private and growing companies. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The Business Administration (both BA and MBA) from the prestigious New York universities, has transformed the industry through Southridge Capital. According to him, being knowledgeable about financial market requires him to be informed, and this explains his loyalty in reading Wall Street Journal and other relevant financial journals. Besides, Stephen M. Hicks believes that for one to be competitive and trendsetter in the financial markets, they must know how to get new clients while putting structures to retain the old clients. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Eric Lefkofsky’s Supports Chicago-Based Philanthropy Foundation and Tempus

The Lefkofsky Family foundation is a Chicago-based foundation that strives to improve the quality of life in the areas that they are located in. Liz and Eric Lefkofsky co-founded the foundation in 2006. The purpose of the foundation is to help women, girls, and less fortunate communities stand up for the human rights that they deserve. The foundation also helps to provide a superior education to students, especially those who are in the middle grades. Another focus of the Lefkofsky family foundation is to aid ground-breaking medical research and to develop a variety of other cultural projects.

Eric Lefkofsky is also the co-founder of Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that has gathered all the necessary medical information and has made it available to patients, researchers, and medical professionals. By having this collection of medical and molecular data available, medicine can become more accurate and useful to those who need it.

By using the DNA and RNA through genomic sequencing, physicians can look at tumors at the molecular level and fine tune treatment options for each individual patient. This new type of sequencing has lowered the costs exponentially.

Tempus is also able to extract notes buried in many different reports (oncology, radiation, etc.) and reorganize them. This makes them more readily available to researchers and others who need this information. This organized data makes analysis easier for those who are trying to improve medicine and procedures every day.

Image recognition is another way that Tempus is improve diagnosis and prognosis for patients. By enhancing the quality of images that are produced from radiology scans, medical professionals can better understand the issues that lie beneath the surface. Improved images can also help researchers discover and create new drugs and it also helps them with biomarker development.

Biological Modeling is also helping researchers at Tempus develop new ways to fight cancer. By using tumor organoids, they can learn about more effective ways to fight cancer while still cutting the costs for patients.

The main goal for Lefkofsky and Tempus is to provide better care for each patient by using the information from patients who came before them.

DAMAC Owner’s Luxury Units Remain High in Demand

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati entrepreneur and self-made billionaire, who founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. DAMAC is a luxury real estate property developer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has completed thousands of world-class residential and commercial properties across the U.A.E., as well as areas located in the United Kingdom. Lebanon boasts as the home of the world famous DAMAC Tower, an award-winning residential property with full interiors designed by Versace Home. The company stands strong as one of the largest, and most prominent luxury developers within the emirate. It was also the first real estate company in the entire Middle East to be included on the London Stock Exchange.

The real estate developer has worked with many other luxury brands including Buggati, Fendi and the Trump Organization. Hussain Sajwani had developed several Trump-branded golf courses that are both set in Dubai. The luxury courses overlook the beautifully styled villas courteous of DAMAC. Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have remained close business partners and friends since 2013. In 2017, he and a few of his family members were invited to Trump’s New Year’s Eve bash at his famous Mar-a-Lago resort. In 2018, both of President Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., had visited Dubai to attend the wedding of Sajwani’s beautiful daughter, Amira Sajwani.

As the CEO and chairman of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani has become famous for offering fabulous gifts with the purchase of one of his residential units. One of the lavish gifts that were made public was a brand-new Lamborghini. Through his company, he has helped sponsor the Dubai Future Foundation’s “One Million Arab Coders Initiative.” The program aims to provide software development training to a million Arab youths for free. The DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in Dubai, and currently resides there with his wife. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

The Feud Between Arpaio and Newsmen Lacey and Larkin Set to Revive

When former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Apraio arrested veteran newsman Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, it was the climax of a long-standing feud. The newsmen had hounded the Sheriff relentlessly, their reporters engaged in a smear campaign that gained nationwide coverage.

Apraio’s treatment of the Latino community over illegal immigration had always raised eyebrows, but as soon as the media got involved a lot more light was shed. The Phoenix New Times, founded back in the 70’s by Lacey, was instrumental in uncovering numerous scandals involving Arpaio. The Sheriff’s response was a full scale investigation into the paper and its reporters.

The feud between the newsmen and the Sheriff was well known. At the time it began Lacey and Larkin had already founded Village Voice Media, their nationwide conglomerate of alternative weeklies.

The former founders of Phoenix New Times still managed the paper, but their conglomerate allows stories on Apraio to gain national attention. The Sheriff garnered a serious of grand jury subpoenas which he issued to the paper.

Lacey and Larkin were arrested in 2007 after printing one of those confidential grand jury subpoenas under their combined byline. The printing was meant to show the world how unconstitutional the subpeona’s were.

The arrest sparked outrage that led to the duos eventual release. Later on Lacey and Larkin would sue for wrongful arrest, netting a #3.75 million dollar payout in 2013. Since then the two have quietly supported the Latino community through the Frontera Fund which they founded in 2014. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The fund uses the payout to finance migrant rights groups across Arizona. It has been instrumental in combating Arpaio’s leftover policies and tenets. Arpaio went on to be implicated in Melendres vs. Maricopa County. The outset of which saw the Sheriff indicted for criminal contempt of court and jailed.

Now Arpaio has received a presidential pardon and is looking at the U.S. Senate, so the feud will once again commence. Lacey and Larkin have just launched a new alternative news site called Front Page Confidential.

The site advocates free speech by printing stories in support of the First Amendment. It also has an Arpaio section ready to go. Now past grievances will stand beside new atrocities as their coverage of Apraio’s senate run begins. Who knows what the climax to round two will be.

The Journey Of Victoria Doramus As A Marketer

Victoria Doramus is a marketer with a degree in journalism from the University of Colorado. She also studied in the Sotheby’s institute of art. After she had finished school she worked at mindshare, creative Arts Agency, Stila cosmetics, Trendera and was also the personal assistant to Peter Berg a film producer and a Director.

Victoria Doramus started her career in Mindshare which is a niche learning center. She was an assistant media planner from 2006 to 2007. While working in mindshare she gained experience by arranging print media buying for the client and operating a marketing budget.

She first mixed the experience of marketing and communication in Tendera brand. Where she came up with a marketing strategy as part of the marketing team. She also translated lifestyle trends into marketing campaigns while she was the social media image builder at Tenderer.

She became a senior writer at Huffington post and also researched on modern Girl Guides to sticky situations. She was a personal assistant to Peter Berg for 2 years. The different experiences made her an expert in the field of clarifying and noticing trends. By identifying the specific market trends she demonstrated her experience in writing, editing and reporting market trends which were global.

Since 2016 she followed her passion and became self -employed and opening charities. She is based in London currently and as a self- employed Director of Philanthropy. She is involved in the Amy Winehouse Foundation which aims at alleviating the effects of drug abuse and alcohol on young people.

She also supports another charity called Room to Read which supports girls literacy and education. Victoria Doramus also is involved in the Women Prison Association which works with women in all the justice process stages. She also supports the Best Friends Animal Society which rescues stray animals and controls their population in a humane way.

Contact Victoria thru Twitter or Pinterest

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Vijay Eswaran’s Ideas on Fear and Change

Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He speaks on many topics including business, personal development, life management, and leadership. He has written several books including the bestseller: In the Sphere of Silence.

With self-awareness and due diligence, as per Eswaran, fear and change can be used to improve your life.


Eswaran states that you should always be living in fear. If not, then you are not living up to your full potential. Fear is the opposite of living in excitement; if you are living in fear, then you are not excited to make risky decisions and change your life.

Room for improvement can be more noticeable when you realize your fears. You need to work on your fears instead of fearing the impending change. However, living in fear can keep your growth stagnant. It is best to live up to your fear and conquer it.


Change can be difficult for anyone to overcome however; Vijay Eswaran breaks change into five easier concepts to understand. The first concept is to realize that change happens within yourself and it begins by breaking habits. Change isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

The next concept is that many minor changes can constitute one momentous change. In other words, slight changes are constantly overlapping each other to create larger changes.


Any change is better than no change and how you deal with the continuous change will define the result. And this is the third concept: change brings about more change.

Next is the fear of change. Fearing the unknown can stifle your progress and change.

Finally, some things are not meant to change. These can include your morals, values, and other beliefs that do not need change.

With his philosophical and life changing ideas, it is easy to see why Vijay Eswaran is such an inspiration to the many people that he encounters.

Matt Badiali is a Daring Investor

Matt Badiali happens to be a financial expert and has an experience in geology which means that he is knowledgeable and have skills in issues that are related to the utilization of investment opportunities to the maximum. He is a holder of a Bachelor in Science degree from Penn State University and Master of Science in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. In that case, he has an educational background that boosts his career to become a renowned financial analyst. Matt Badiali is passionate about his profession and in that case, he works towards helping other people in the financial world. Therefore, he came up with the idea of launching an editorial column called the Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Through this platform, he manages to reach a lot of potential investors globally who need his expertise and advice on financial matters. He is also a lecturer at the Duke University and the University of North Carolina which means that he constantly passes on his knowledge to the younger generations.

On his part, Matt Badiali has done well in that he is the mastermind of an investment called Freedom Checks a venture that has stirred controversy. For him, he has gained a lot of experience in geology over the years which makes him the most strategic person to study the mines and oil wells of several commercial leaders worldwide. By so doing, he had the liberty to establish the Freedom Checks investment as it points towards these kinds of business dealings precisely. Out of personal experience, Matt Badiali purchased some shares during a financial crisis and sold them later at a considerable profit. From that experience, he believed that any investment is worth trying no matter how senseless it may appear in the eyes of other people. Were it not for that encounter; he probably could have never thought of coming up with the Freedom Checks which have benefited people who have come to understand how they work. Either way, convincing people that they are not a scam and they can reap big from being a part of them has been the hardest part so far.

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End Citizens United vs. Rick Scott: Corruption And Fraud

In 1997 Florida governor Rick Scott was the CEO of a healthcare group called Columbia/HVA. He presided over a massive fraud conviction against the company and a record-setting fine of $1.7 billion dollars. He blamed his subordinates, resigned in disgrace and entered politics.

History may be repeating itself for the now-Senate candidate. End Citizens United, a PAC dedicated to campaign finance reform, and the newspaper “the Tampa Bay Times” have both produced charges that Scott is committing fraud and violating campaign finance law in 2018.

Before announcing his candidacy for the Senate, governor Scott was the chair for the New Republican PAC. New Republican is Scott’s primary donor for his Senate bid. End Citizens United took a closer look at the relationship between the PAC and the Scott Campaign and found a few troubling things.


Scott was listed as chair of New Republican after his campaign began. A PAC and a campaign cannot communicate directly. If Scott really had severed all ties with the group when he began campaigning then he should not have been listed as working there. This means he could have been in control of New Republican in violation of the law.

Both the PAC and the Scott Campaign had the same mailing address for several months. How would two organizations that cannot communicate operate in the same space? It seems unlikely that they would keep their activities secret from each other as the law requires.

The Scott campaign primarily uses Jenny Drucker as a fundraiser, as does the PAC. This says that the two groups have lines of communication about where money is needed.

End Citizens United also alleges that the New Republican funded a poll for the Scott Campaign. There can be no direct funding between them.

End Citizens United has brought all these charges and more against the Scott campaign, which claims innocence when they aren’t blaming subordinates. The Tampa Bay Times has made other accusations about funding and finance violations. It seems unlikely that Scott would be so deeply involved and connected to an organization that he no longer has contact with.

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Trabuco Bradesco: Bradesco Bank’s Former President

For nine years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the president of Bradesco; the second largest bank in Brazil. It announced earlier in the year that the 66-year old would be replaced by Octavio de Lazari Junior who was the bank’s vice president as well as Bradesco Seguros’ president. There are a few reasons why the bank decided that Mr. Lazari was the best candidate to succeed Trabuco Bradesco. Visit the website to learn more about Trabuco Bradesco.

The Formal Process of Succession Pointed to him

As revealed by a Trabuco Bradesco statement, the appointment of Mr. Lazari to replace Trabuco was supported by bank’s formal process of succession. This was backed by an endorsement by Bradesco’s Succession and Appointment Committee.

His Merits

Again, the firm revealed that the former vice president deserved the appointment to hold the former position of Trabuco Bradesco. They wanted to ensure that the leadership of the bank would be in the hands of a prominent person. In spite of all the other vice presidents who wanted the position, Lazari was the best person that they found fit to hold it. Some of them were Mauricio Minas who was in the technology department, Alexandre Glüher who was dealing with investor relations and Josué Pancini, who lead the agency network. There was also Josué Pancini; the professional responsible for cards and investment bank. Read this article at Glamurama.

There is little doubt that Trabuco Bradesco set a good example for his successor. The former president of Bradesco has had a successful career.

Banco Bradesco

Trabuco started working at the tender age of seventeen; he served as a clerk at Banco Bradesco. He went through various tasks for more than fifteen years until he became one of the company’s marketing directors. He was then in charge of the banks marketing for eight years until he became the CEO of Bradesco Vida e Previdência. In 2009, he was appointed as the president of the bank; becoming its 4th president. He has won many awards and received several acknowledgements.

As Octavio de Lazari Junior takes over as the president of Bradesco Bank, it is only right that he does what will lead to the bank’s growth. Like Trabuco Bradesco before him, he ought to do it by example so that other workers are driven to give their best.


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