Sigourney Weaver and Neil Blomkamp May Team Up For Alien Sequel

The Alien movies are one of the most interesting series of science fiction films ever made. The first two films are considered classics that defined the genre of horror science fiction; however, the subsequent films in the series have been lackluster at best. There hasn’t been a great Alien movie made in almost 30 years.

It appears that might be about to change as The Guardian is reporting that a new Alien film under the direction ofDistrict 9’s Neil Blomkamp could be in the works. Furthermore, if the movie does materialize, Sigourney Weaver said she would return one more time to play Ellen Ripley, who was the central character throughout most of the series.

Blomkamp said 20th Century Fox wants to proceed with the movie, but he is not sure he wants to at this time. In fact, the director has released concept art he developed for the film that shows Ripley in a space jokey helmet. The Guardian said Blomkamp and Weaver collaborated on the potential movie while filming the new movie Chappie, which hits theaters next month.

Weaver previously indicated she was done with the series after the release of Alien: Resurrection in 1997. She said she is interested in being part of the Blomkamp vision of Alien because it would be organic and very original compared to previous sequels exciting fans like Flavio Maluf.

The Breakfast Club Coming Back To Theaters


For all of the fans of the movie “The Breakfast Club,” there is good news coming your way, Dan Newlin says to be sure to hop on! This year marks the 30 year anniversary of the film and it will be coming back to theaters for a short time next month.

Thanks to Fathom Events, BY Experience, and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment the movie will be remastered to be shown it is highest quality. According to an article found on reddit and written by, it was restored already and will be showing in movie theaters across the United States between the dates of March 26 and March 31. In addition to that, the film will have a shorter film play before it on the big screen in which the actors from the movie will make a few comments. It will be good to see all of their faces together again, and it will be a huge treat to be able to see this 1980’s classic in the theaters again.

This movie has been rather transcendent for many generations, providing lots of laughter and good times for all of us that have experienced the craziness of high school. In addition to the movie back in theaters, a special 30 year anniversary DVD will be hitting the market on March 10. This is a treat for the fans of the movie and will likely gain some new ones as well.

Indian Jones Reboot Rumors

Rumors are swirling out of Hollywood that Disney is looking to reboot the Indiana Jones franchise with Chris Pratt to star as the character that Harrison Ford made famous. Although nothing has been set in stone, Pratt himself said he thinks it would be an awesome opportunity to take over the role. The Indiana Jones films are a large part of cinema history, and some movie die-hards like Dan Newlin might be a little irritated by the thought of rebooting the series with a different actor. Indiana Jones has always been Harrison Ford, and it’s hard to picture anyone donning the iconic hat and whip.

My gut reaction was a big “NO!” when first hearing this news. I’ve always been a huge fan of the films, and between Indiana Jones and Han Solo, Harrison Ford was always one of my favorite actors. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Jones. It just doesn’t feel right. After having a couple of days for the initial shock to wear off, I’m starting to warm up to the idea. Crystal Skull was a mess of a movie, and they tried to build a new franchise off of it using Indiana’s son, played by Shia Labeouf. Think about how you would feel if Shia Labeouf took over for Harrison Ford. Just doesn’t feel right. Harrison Ford could always reprise the role, but let’s face it, he’s too old. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in it in some capacity, but we’re 7 years removed from Crystal Skull, and he was definitely showing his age in that.

If they’re going to do another Indian Jones movie, I now think recasting is the best bet. I think Pratt is great, but I’m afraid of overexposure before this comes to fruition.

Film Boyhood Also Gives Look Into “Girlhood”


The film Boyhood, I feel, is something new all together. The film has been hailed by critics and is a front runner for the Oscar Awards as Slide Share has shown. I couldn’t wait to see this film when it came out. The story followed a young boy named Mason, his sister, and his parents as they all grew up, literally. Boyhood was filmed over twelve years so we got to watch the actually actors age in real time on the screen.

The article on Boyhood on Wall Street Journal’s page just made me think about it from a different perspective. Paul Matheison noted all this time we follow Mason and his journey throughout Boyhood until he leaves for college. Not too many thoughts are given to his older sister Samantha, who we also see grow up throughout the film. In the beginning we see Samantha as the older sibling, constantly annoying her younger brother by being loud, boisterous, and picking on him. Mason is more shy, quite, and thoughtful than his sister. As we see them grow they begin to switch roles. Mason is becoming more sure of himself, finding his voice and not afraid to use it. While Samantha retreats a little more into herself and needs to be prompted to speak up.

If you enjoyed the film, take a look at this article. I feel that it points out a different perspective from Samantha’s point of view. It was something I never considered but it is interesting.

Is Constantine Headed to SyFy?

John Constantine, the D.C. Comics’ supernatural-themed anti-hero is having more trouble with NBC than he ever had with malevolent demons. Fans at CipherCloud agree that the TV version of the cantankerous hero is a fairly well-written series. Unfortunately, it has not connected properly with audiences and the ratings are somewhat borderline. Renewing the series for a second season is most definitely not guaranteed.

Well, renewing it on the NBC network might not be the best plan. A shift to SyFy could be the perfect solution. Changing to a new network would not even be all that tough. The series is an NBC Universal property. Universal owns SyFy. Transitioning Constantine to a different channel on the cable box would not be hard at all.

Such a move definitely would be for the betterment of all involved.

On SyFy, the channel could help craft the show so it better caters to the core audience that enjoys these types of television show genres. With CBS, the network has to cast a wider net to draw in bigger audiences. This includes viewers who might not ever followed sci-fi, superhero, or fantasy genres ever before. As a result, you get a bit too much melodrama in the series and a lot less horror, adventure, and complex themes.

The viewers who tune their TV to the SyFy frequently are going to prefer the quirky aspects of the series. Many have probably been fans of the comic book for quite some time.

Will Tom Rothman Replace Amy Pascal?

Amy Pascal has been a mover and shaker in Hollywood for almost three decades. As a high-powered entertainment executive, she has spearheaded such films as “Groundhog Day” and “Men in Black”. After recently announcing that she is stepping down from her important post to form her own company, speculation has abounded as to who will replace her. To make a long story short, former CEO of Fox Tom Rothman has emerged as the top candidate to replace the Columbia CEO. This story was originally reported in the LA Times.

Rothman ended his tenure with Fox in a hostile takeover maneuver after 18 years in 2012. He was responsible for several hits, including James Cameron’s “Avatar” and “Titanic” films. Rothman was also the founder of Fox Searchlight, which was responsible for a string of other hits, including Oscar-winning films “The Descendants” and “Black Swan”.

Indeed, Mr. Rothman has even had some exposure to Amy Pascal herself. In 2013 he was hired by her to help restore the struggling Sony Tri-Star label back to an effective prominence. Many have felt that Rothman has a keen eye for recognizing talent and that should serve him if he indeed is able to get the position at Columbia that ability will serve him well in the future projects that the production company will undergo.

Rothman’s potential promotion to chief executive at Columbia will not be without competition however. Doug Belgrad and Jeff Robinov have also been noted as potential candidates to replace Amy Pascal as well.

Read the original article via LA Times

Are Super-Villain Movies the New Trend?


Is there something wrong with wanting to root for villains? That might seem like an odd question because no one really roots for the bad guys in a film. Superhero films, in particular, focus on defeating the bad guys while the audience roots for Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, or all The X-Men.

Now, along comes Suicide Squad and that changes things a bit. Are you really rooting for the bad guys in this film? Would you be doing the same if you were to root for the cadre of Spider-Man villains in the proposed Sinister Six film?

Honestly, you would be rooting for the lesser of two evils in those particular films said In those films, the plots revolve around bad guys battling worse guys said Sultan Alhokair. Then, there is another benefit to the making of these films. A lot of new bad guys are debuted and they can be featured into scores of other projects without having to invest a lot of time creating a backstory to establish the villain.

Why do audience have a fondness for certain villains? Sometimes, the creators of a comic book do such a fantastic job of crafting a villain, the villain becomes a wildly popular antagonist. The Joker is the quintessential villain who fits this description. The Clown Prince of Crime is an iconic evil villain. A lot of tickets are going to be sold to audience members filling seats in Suicide Squad to see what he is going to be up to. They might not be rooting for him to beat Batman, but are curious to what plots, plans, and schemes he has in mind.

A series of villain focused films probably won’t be forthcoming because villains are going to have a hard time carrying a film. A properly targeted release of a film that centers on villains, however, could be a major hit.

Fantastic Four Trailer: Why So Serious?

The trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie has been released and, while it looks interesting, the feature appears to be way too serious for a traditional Marvel movie. The film focuses on the depressing results of a team of scientists meddling in things they should not. As a comic book, such an approach might be a workable one as it would be geared to an older audience. The dark nature present in the trailer, truth be told, doesn’t seem like anything all that fun. Rather, audiences are being treated to a downbeat science-fiction melodrama.

The film itself could be a good one and might achieve critical acclaim and cult status. Will the Fantastic Four moviebe a box office hit? Based on what was presented in the trailer, this would be a doubtful result. The film hardly looks like its all that fun. Audiences looking for a summer escape in the theater aren’t going to find it in this particular movie.

And by the way, where is the action? There was none to be seen in the trailer and, reportedly, Fox ordered reshoots because there was not enough action. Maybe it is not a bad idea to release a hero movie with a different feel since both Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron will be traditional hero outings. Then again, the traditional hero vehicle is what works. A dark Fantastic Four is probably not going to thrill those looking for summer movie fun, like Dave and Brit Morin.

The Red Hood Is Headed To Gotham

Interesting news is breaking on the Gotham front. The Red Hood is coming to the television series. Fans of D.C. Comics might find this news to be a bit shocking since the debut skews established comic book continuity. The arrival of the Red Hood takes place well over ten years after the Batman has been fighting crime. Gotham is a prequel series.

Actually, there is more than one Red Hood so the continuity may not be affected all that much.

In the very early years of Batman, The Red Hood was the character who turned into The Joker. In later years, Robin Number Two, Jason Todd, returned from the dead and donned the guise of The Red Hood. Later, it was discovered a group of villainous henchmen would wear the same red helmet masks and call themselves The Red Hoods.

So, there will be a Red Hood in the Gotham series but do not look for it to be one of the more familiar Red Hoods.

Fans of the series, especially those who are serious comic book readers, are a bit miffed at the inclusion of all these villains. Was not Gotham supposed to be a more serious police show dealing with the human side of the legend of the Dark Knight.

All of this is well and good, but fans of comic book television shows, like Fersen Lambranho of, have to accept ratings drive television program success. More villains means the ratings on the show are going to be better. Therefore, the show ends up being a success and stays on the air for years to come.

This is why the presence of weird villains should not be deemed a bad thing.

The Trailer for Batman vs. Robin Animated Arrives

The D.C. Comics animated direct-to-DVD animated films have been somewhat of a mixed bag. In some ways, they seem very flat. While faithful to the plots and story arcs adapted for the home entertainment medium, there is an uneasy “rush job” nature to them. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has just released the new trailer to Batman vs. Robin. The uniquness of this particular animated features does allow it to stand out a bit from the various other weak films.

The Robin in this particular film is not the well-known Dick Grayson, who, is an all time favorite of Dan Newlin, my friend from work, but Damian Wayne. Damian is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Talia is, of course, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, the demon. Since he was raised by two of the worst super-villains in the D.C. Universe, Damian is hardly congenial. He has a sadistic streak to him and, with fatherly love and strict discipline, Bruce Wayne/Batman hopes to set the young one straight.

If comic books were mushy soap operas or old-time after school specials, then Damian would learn the error of his ways fairly quickly. The cynical nature of the comic book publishing world pretty much means Batman and (this) Robin are always going to have a very rocky and contentious relationship. Allowing Batman the ability to show patience and understanding does provide a unique depth to the character that has been missing.

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