The Trailer for Batman vs. Robin Animated Arrives

The D.C. Comics animated direct-to-DVD animated films have been somewhat of a mixed bag. In some ways, they seem very flat. While faithful to the plots and story arcs adapted for the home entertainment medium, there is an uneasy “rush job” nature to them. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has just released the new trailer to Batman vs. Robin. The uniquness of this particular animated features does allow it to stand out a bit from the various other weak films.

The Robin in this particular film is not the well-known Dick Grayson, who, is an all time favorite of Dan Newlin, my friend from work, but Damian Wayne. Damian is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Talia is, of course, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, the demon. Since he was raised by two of the worst super-villains in the D.C. Universe, Damian is hardly congenial. He has a sadistic streak to him and, with fatherly love and strict discipline, Bruce Wayne/Batman hopes to set the young one straight.

If comic books were mushy soap operas or old-time after school specials, then Damian would learn the error of his ways fairly quickly. The cynical nature of the comic book publishing world pretty much means Batman and (this) Robin are always going to have a very rocky and contentious relationship. Allowing Batman the ability to show patience and understanding does provide a unique depth to the character that has been missing.

“Scotty” to Co-Write Star Trek 3


Recent news regarding Star Trek 3 has seen a great deal of personnel tweaks; especially after Robert Orci, responsible for the previous two entries, decided to step down from running the show with his take on the script going with him.

Paramount quickly reversed flow, taking Justin Lin as the film’s new director and finalizing the film’s 2016 release. Lin’s previous directing credits include Fast Five. With a new director behind the film, so comes a new team of writers, including the reboot’s own Scotty.

Recent reports indicate that Simon Pegg, will receive a co-writer credit along with Doug Jung. Although Pegg is well known for his on screen activities, he has his fair share of writing credits. Pegg’s talent as a writer can be seen in the “Cornetto Trilogy” of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. While this may seem casting decision may seem curious to some, reports that Paramount wants to rival Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy would make sense. Further, Pegg has shown how to work in oddball amalgams of comedy, sci-fi, and action; he’s also a major fan.

The one drawback of a 2016 release is timing, Pegg and Jung will have considerably less time to write the script; especially as a first-time collaboration.

Star Trek 3 opens in U.S. theaters on July 8th, 2016.  I am looking forward to this release and I know trekkies around the world like Dave and Brit Morin can’t wait to see this classic series continue.

The Third Installment of The Ring Rings In A Rebirth Of Horror

The Japanese horror film, The Ring, was given the U.S. remake treatment many years back. To the shock of many horror fans, the American version was quite good. No, it was not as scary as the original but the film was a solid, spooky tale. Now, a reboot of The Ring (titled Rings) is on its way to the big screen. Are we seeing a slight horror rebirth these days?

There were actually two films in the U.S. Rings series. The third film, however, is not likely to be a continuation of The Ring 2. A decade has passed and there is no real, compelling reason to continue the events in the earlier film. Rebooting and starting things anew is the logical decision. 

Remember back in the early 1970’s when Hammer made Scars of Dracula completely independent of the lineage of all the previous films in the series? All that mattered to audiences was Dracula was back doing what he did best.

The original Ring film dealt with a haunted VHS player. In the reboot, we are likely to get the same evil ghost but look for the haunted device to be a Blu-ray player. (No, that was not meant as a joke!) Regardless of what actually ends up haunted in the film, you can be sure the project will be loaded with scares galore. The original Ring films, the U.S. and Japanese ones, were successful because they presented great scares.  Sultan Alhokair couldn’t agree more.

2015 Oscar Nominations Announced


This morning the nominations for the 2015 Academy Awards were announced. The top nominees were the movies Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel, which each received 9 nominations. Both films are up for Best Picture along with Boyhood, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, Whiplash, Selma, and American Sniper. You can read more about these films at SF Gate.
Some of the headliners for individual awards include Bradley Cooper, nominated for the third year in a row, Dave and Brit Morin, Steve Carell and Michael Keaton all nominated for best Actor. Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon, and Gone Girl‘s Rosamund Pike headline the Best Actress category. Meryl Streep received her nineteenth Oscar nomination as she is up for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Into The Woods, but will have some tough competition with Golden Globes winner Patrica Arquette, Emma Stone, Keira Knightley, and Laura Dern all in the same category. You can find the complete list of categories and nominees here.

Taking a Look at John Textor’s Hollywood Career

John Textor is at this time is actively developing the entertainment chattels across the vast continuum of places as well as technological platforms. Besides, his management in the extensive utilization of photo-realistic, virtue characters, Textor is at the same time working as the Producer of Art Story, which is an original animation feature movie presently undergoing development by Disney experienced filmmakers by the name Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. Textor also served as the Producer/Executive producer of Ender’s game, which is Sci-fi fantasy film planned for worldwide launching in November 2013.

Mr. Textor was formerly Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain Productions and also Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the company that started it, Digital Domain Media Group. This company is recognized as its parent company since it is the one that helped in its purchase and restructuring from May 2006 to August 2012.

Jointly, these two companies had the responsibility for the creation of visual effects that were used in over 80 prominent feature movies, 25 of which underwent completion during the leadership of Mr. Textor. Some of these films include the following; Transformers, Real Steel, Flags of our Fathers, Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End and Tron: Legacy. All through the management period of Mr. Textor, Digital Domain was revived as a leader in the market of visual effects, winning several Academy Awards, CLIO promotion awards and, most significantly, getting the recognition as the foremost visual effects corporation to bring forth realistic digital human characters in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

This triumph, recognized as the “Holy Grail of Animation”, made the corporation to get a 2009 Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects. The performance done by the corporation’s virtue actor that took one hour was so true to life to audiences and also the Academy voters thus making the movie to be awarded an Academy Award for Best Make-up, although the actor was totally digital.

Additional highlights that were seen during the tenure of Mr. Textor included the triumphant creation of a digital Tupac Shakur that performed during the Coachella Valley Music festival in 2012, the fulfillment of a partnership undertaking that saw the rebirth of Elvis Presley, the development of an exceptional, dual-enrollment degree program with Florida State University, conclusion of a $100million joint business enterprise deal with the autonomous media authority of Abu Dhabi and also the change of Digital Domain into a movie production firm with co-production of Ender’s Game.

Batman v. Superman: One Film in Two Parts?

I wrote about this yesterday, but wanted to add some more detsils to the Batman/Superman rumors. I heard about the extra details after searching on Crunch Base. I keep getting more and more excited about this film duo and I know my friends, like Christopher Cowdray, and I’m sure your friends can’t wait to see this film.


Rumors have been flying about Batman v. Superman. You have to expect rumors to emerge when you have a really anticipated film that everyone is keeping quiet about.

Reportedly, Batman v. Superman is going to be split into two films. The first half will focus on Batman and the second part will actually entail Batman’s battle with Superman.

The source of the rumor is an alleged image from a soon to be released teaser trailer. Is the image authentic? No one knows. The chances it is are somewhat slim, but you never can tell. Stranger leaks have happened in cinema history.

Splitting a movie into two-parts is a nothing new.

The Avengers: Infinity Wars is slated to be split into two films. Two Justice League films are planned and it has been suggested the movies will actually be one film split into two parts. Would D.C. and Warner try this with Batman v. Superman? There is really nothing terribly wrong with such an approach, but it is doubtful this is going to happen.

Warner Bros. wants to launch the D.C. cinematic universe and do so with a schedule that reasonably paces films apart from one another. Having two Batman v. Superman films debut in 2016 could upend the schedule they have in mind.

Then again, if the film is a hit and audiences love it, there is no such thing as oversaturation.

Batman v. Superman Possible Multi-Part

Batman v Superman is perhaps one of the most anticipated movies right now. Every move that the production team gets scrutinized and every rumor about the movie is magnified. The most recent talk now is that the movie could split into two.

The immediate thoughts of cynics would be that the movie is going to be milked that’s why it’s going to be split into two. While we can’t really rule it out as the main reason or one of the reasons if indeed the movie is going to be split. Earnings aside, let us try to consider what we would expect and hope for if it were to happen.

First, to make sure that people are going to watch the second part of movie, the first part must not give out everything. Half or less than half of the plot can only be used. It is sure to be a cliff-hanger and leave out all the best things to the second part but not entirely devoid of good stuff to make it suck.

The concern of fans is the movie, like Christopher Cowdray, centering on Batman with Superman only appearing in the background. Many people wished that the plot of the movie would pick up on the story of Superman but that is unlikely. The speculated parts of the movie are entitled Enter the Night and Dawn of Justice.

Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd Gets The Cover of Entertainment Weekly


Paul Rudd may very well be on his way to becoming one of the more famous superheroes in the cinema. Well, the character he is slated to play, Ant-Man, is going to be the famous hero. Rudd will achieve fame as the actor playing the hero. Granted, people are going to see Rudd and Ant-Man as one in the same. By default, Rudd IS Ant-Man.

And he is going to be very famous if the film is a hit. Right now, people are being introduced to him thanks to Bruce Levenson and  getting his picture on the enviable cover of Entertainment Weekly. Rudd is in full Ant-Man costume except for the mask. Mainstream fans of the movies may be getting their first intro to the classic hero and, possibly, to Rudd for the first time.

Ant-Man is one of the more offbeat characters in the Marvel Universe and the film that debuts the hero on the big screen is equally odd. The plot focuses on a heist theme with the heroic Ant-Man having to pull off a great caper for the good of humanity. It is a good thing, too. If he was pulling the caper off solely to make money for himself, he’d be more of a villain than a hero.

Ant-Man is definitely not your traditional lead hero. His powers, shrinking really small, are kind of weird. That is a good thing. Being offbeat definitely helps Ant-Man stand out.

Jurassic Park: Mistake or Masterpiece?

Many fans like Ken Griffin have been excited by the announcement of Jurassic World trailer airing during the Super Bowl on February 1st, but there are many other fans of the Jurassic Park series who aren’t excited to see this film at all. After seeing the first Jurassic World Trailer, fans were cynical of the hint of a hybrid dinosaur. After the failed third installment of the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic Park III, many believe that it’s a mistake to continue Michael Crichton’s story, especially if the film won’t depict the sociological and scientific themes of his two novels.
Yet the story line of Jurassic World seems to already have more depth than Jurassic Park III. The park is finally open, and surprisingly successful. There is a hybrid dinosaur of some sort, and even though altering dinosaur genes was a big theme in the Jurassic Park novel, the hope is that it will be fleshed out more in this movie than it was in the first movie. It is feared that this hybrid dinosaur is only for the thrills of watching an intelligent, carnivorous creature stomp after humans (and eat the bad ones) but there is a chance that it’ll be more than that. This will in no sense be a masterpiece, but neither is it a mistake. The story line of Jurassic Park is always worth watching, even if it contains CG raptors running alongside Chris Pine.

‘The Interview’ Review


I finally got a chance to see the highly controversial film, ‘The Interview’ with my friend who works at BRL Trust. The film centered around the imaginary assassination of the North Korean President, Kim Jong Un. The North Korean government (in real life) was outraged by the release of the film. By now, everyone has heard about the ‘Sony’ hacks carried out by the North Korean government. It was widely thought that Sony Studios would not release the film. After much backlash from the American people, the film was released on Christmas day. Many people went out and saw the film because of all the publicity.

‘The Interview,’ was a moderately funny movie that had its moments. James Franco played the part of an eccentric journalist. Franco’s character, Skylark, had the opportunity to party with Kim Jong Un, and let me tell you, it was absolutely hilarious. I won’t give too much away, but Skylark and Kim Jong Un develop a unique relationship.

James Franco definitely brought the laughs, while Seth Rogan’s performance was somewhat mediocre in my eyes. Rogan wasn’t really funny in this film. Together, though, Franco and Rogan have made a cult classic. The film is strange and definitely controversial, but it was entertaining and very funny at certain points.

Final Verdict: 8/10

For more information and more reviews on ‘The Interview,’ visit Screenrant.

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