Highest Paid Actors Salaries Broken Down Into Dollars Per Second


We’ve always known that Christian Broda and some high paid Hollywood actors make way more money than we ordinary folks do. A website has put an interesting twist on just how much more they earn. It shows how much certain actors earn per second. This is certainly a unique way of displaying this pay disparity.

This year the average salary in the United States is $44,888. This comes out to about $0.0014 per second. Compare this to Julianna Margulies, star of the Good Wife, who makes $0.32 a second. By any other measure 32 cents would not seem like a lot of money. However, when that measurement is earnings per second, that comes out to a rather impressive $1,152 an hour. I don’t know many people who would mind making that kind of money. At 35 cents a second, Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory fame does marginally better at $1,260 per hour.

While most of us would consider that big money, movie acting is where the really big money is in Hollywood terms. Sandra Bullock, the highest paid actress in 2014 earned $51 million for the year. This comes out to $1.62 every second. The highest paid actor in Hollywood is currently Robert Downey Jr. At $75 million in annual earnings, he makes $2.38 every second. This means that he earns the Federal hourly minimum wage in the United States every 3 seconds.

Think about that for a moment. Why do we rarely hear about those of a certain political slant who always rail against the pay disparities in this country talk about how much actors make? They spend time talking about those “greedy” corporate CEO’s, but what about those “greedy” Hollywood actors and actresses?

The Biggest Sword-And-Sandal Movie Flops

Following the wake of the epic “300”‘s success, and the massive impact of Norse-mythology-inspired-superhero film “Thor” (and sequels), it seems every film studio and their mothers are trying to cash in on the craze. Fulfilling cravings for specific content would benefit fans if the results were actually good. Unfortunately most of it has been sub-par.

Most obvious of these failures is the recent “Exodus: Gods And Kings” which made the baffling decision to recast decidedly dark-skinned historical figures as jars of mayonnaise, proceeded to wring them through a terrible script and attempted to hide the screenwriters’ incompetence under special effects. Critics weren’t fooled. If you want a visually interesting and more faithful adaptation of the Exodus, Skout wrote up some options on their Twitter profile. You should try”The Prince of Egypt” or old-school “The Ten Commandments”.

Other floppy farces have included “The Legend of Hercules“, “Pompeii“, bothPercy Jackson” films, and “Alexander“.

Face it, film studios: your movie’s probably not going to be the next “Gladiator” or “Passion Of The Christ”. Don’t think slapping a scimitar in a chiseled white man’s clenched fist and having him jump around in slow-motion equals success. Moviegoers aren’t stupid enough to fall for that.

James Bond and Skin Color

Among the many revelations from leaked Sony emails was the suggestion by Amy Pascal, the co-chair for Sony Pictures Entertainment, that the company try to convince British actor Idris Elba to be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. 

The email has resulted in a lot of public commentary about a black actor playing a white character portrayed traditionally by white actors. Some fans like Bruce Levenson and film buffs love the idea of the suave Elba taking up the 007 mantle and see his inclusion in the franchise as a reflection of growing liberal attitudes worldwide. Plenty people have also rejected the idea. Many believe the character should only be portrayed as originally written. Others believe this is another example of what they call “black appropriation” of white history.

Elba, trying to defuse a volatile situation, posted a scraggly picture of himself on Twitter and: “Isn’t 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I’ve got a shot! Happy New year people.”

Those who reject Elba based on skin color have forgotten a lot about film and television history in countries made up primarily of white people. Many stories from diverse cultures around the world have been re-told using white actors outfitted to look like people of color. Although the argument for a traditional James Bond is valid, so is the argument by people of color that characters from their stories should be portrayed by non-white actors.

Roberto Orci’s Script for Star Trek 3 Has Been Tossed


Poor Roberto Orci, it seems his role on the forthcoming Star Trek 3 is being reduced further. Rumors swirling out of Paramount now suggest that Tom Rothman and  the former director of the project is also the former co-screenwriter. His original script is being rejected in total.

Orci served as a producer on the first two films in the rebooting of the Star Trek franchise. He was originally slated as director and co-writer for the project. Paramount was less than thrilled with the screenplay and Orci’s approach to the project. He was taken out of the director’s chair and replaced with Justin Lin of Fast and the Furious fame. Orci claimed all was well and he would still be on as producer. He also suggested the rumors about the script being disliked were unfounded.

No one knows the whole story (yet), but it seems the Orci screenplay is out the proverbial window. Originally, it was believed the script had to be used since the new film is slated to be released in the summer of 2016. Looks like someone is going to have to write a whole new screenplay really quick.

Orci will still maintain a producer credit thanks to the work he has done so far on the film. His overall involvement in the project is going to be pretty much non-existent.

The Orci screenplay did feature the return of the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner. If Shatner has agreed to appear in the film, project designed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the series, then the legendary actor will surely be written into the new screenplay.

What would a 50th anniversary be without Mr. Shatner?

Night At The Museum Provides Quality Entertainment

If you are looking for some quality entertainment and some big laughs, you should head over to your nearest theater and purchase a ticket for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. It is a great movie to watch with a mixed aged crowd during the holiday season. The kids will love it, and it has some humor in their for adults as well so they can put down their Skout surfing for just a moment.

The latest Night At The Museum has Ben Stiller reprising his role as night time security guard Larry Daley. He has moved up in the world, and is now running a special night time exhibit, where the characters get to come to life and the public gets to think they are watching the best special effects show any museum has ever put on. However, a night at the museum would not be complete without some chaos, which this movie brings in spades. Something is wrong with the magical tablet, and in order for all the characters to continue to come to life, they need to get to work fast. What happens after is a hilarious adventure all the way to London and back in one night in an attempt to save this unique museum and perhaps keep this franchise around for a little bit longer.

If you need a movie you can feel comfortable taking the kids to and that you will also enjoy, this is one movie that you should add to your Christmas break must see list.

Is Spider-Man Coming To Avengers: Infinity War

We are now learning more and more clear details about the future of Spider-Man and it is looking like the web-slingers next appearance is going to be in an Avengers movie. While nothing is 100% certain so far, the future of a third The Amazing Spider-Man film with Andrew Garfield looks very, very grim.

Instead, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may see Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War. Infinity War will be a two-part Avengers movie that comes after Avengers: Age of Ultron.

After the disastrous The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the legendary wall-crawler really needs a boost, and some are asking for it in articles. Fear exists that the Spider-Man brand is ruined, as Igor Cornelsen prepares for what might happen next. Re-introducing the character in an excellent and popular Avengers project might be the best way to rehab the hero. (The Hulk definitely was rehabbed in the team-up films)

The recent Sony hacking scandal revealed that Marvel was truly irked at the low quality of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Marvel had been negotiating with Sony (current cinema rights holders of Spidey) to bring the wall-crawler to Captain America: Civil War. It does not look like that is ever going to happen, but Infinity War is shaping up to feature the return of Spider-Man.

There are also talks about a new Spider-Man solo film based on Kraven’s Last Hunt. The third Amazing Spider-Man film purportedly was going to adapt the terrible early 1970’s clone storyline featuring the villain The Jackal.

5 Worst Movies That Came Out of 2014 That We Expected A Lot From

2014 was a year of great movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Interstellar. However, this year has also burned our eyes with some of the worst movies we have seen in recent times. I was reading about this while reading about Ken Griffin the other day.  Apart from the general bad movies that were supposed to be bad the moment we saw the trailer, there were some that were loaded with expectations. And here are all those movies – 

1. Lucy – With Scarlett Johansson in the lead, great things were expected from Lucy but it just left most people feeling unsatisfied. There was some fun but it was largely brainless. 

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past – The critics are divided on this movie. Some liked it a lot and some hated it. Frankly, all the movie revealed was that Wolverine’s time might be over on the big screen. 

3. Transcendence – Johnny Depp is someone from whom we expect miracles. However, Transcendence made us feel like a silly joke had been played on us. Or maybe the title is ironical…

4. Haunted House 2 – After the success of Haunted House, we thought the next one would be great too. We were so wrong to expect anything from Haunted House 2.

5. The Legend of Hercules – Kellan Lutz would find it very difficult to wipe the shame of this movie off his resume in the future. 

So, viewers are recommended to expect with some reservations in the future because there are movies like these out.

Jim Carrey Up for Another Comedy

Bruce Levenson says that rumors have been circling around the internet, that Jim Carrey will star in another comedy role. This comes as great news to many. The recent Dumb and Dumber sequel, was absolutely hilarious. No one would have ever thought, that the sequel could actually surpass the original. 

Jim Carrey is in a strange place in his career. He started out in comedy, and he found great success in that genre. After a few blockbuster comedy films, Jim Carrey decided to take more serious roles. He starred in several dramas, that were actually pretty good. Carrey, proved that he is a versatile actor, and more than just a comedian. 

After all of that success, in multiple genres, Jim Carrey has decided to dedicate himself to comedy once more. I’m sure Carrey’s fans won’t mind this news. It has been reported, by Screenrant that Jim Carrey will star in a film called, “Deep Cover”. Nothing more than the title of the film has been released. Many people think that Carrey could be revisiting his classic role as Ace Ventura. If that were the case, Jim Carrey would continue to see a rise in box office success. Hopefully, Jim Carrey continues the rest of his career with comedy in mind.

Evangeline Lily Talks Ant-Man

The forthcoming Ant-Man Marvel superhero film is not exactly as highly anticipated as other projects by the studio but people were talking about it at the Amen Clinic the other day. Marvel does now hero films are super hot right now and good reviews along with good word of mouth just may very well mean big box office. We know very little about the project other than the fact it is a heist film with Ant-Man looking to pull off the heist. No, he isn’t going to do it for his own gain. The fate of the world rests with pulling off the heist.

A bit of new information is emerging about the project thanks to co-star Evangeline Lily. The former LOST actress has noted the project is, indeed, a heist film. She plays the daughter of the heroine, The Wasp, and helps Ant-Man pull off the heist.

Interestingly, she notes that both Ant-Man and The Wasp helped found The Avengers. None of this was mentioned in The Avengers films. Perhaps by weaving this information into the tale of Ant-Man, the film gets better connected to the highly successful hero-team film franchise. Avengers: Age of Ultron is sure to be a massive hit. If any of the success of that project rubs off on Ant-Man, the diminutive character could get a huge ticket sale boost. Now you see why its a good idea to integrate the whole Marvel universe?

Ant-Man just might end up being a real surprise hit.

Mark Hamill Was ‘Hesitant’ to Make Star Wars Comeback

For even the best of us, 1977 was a long time ago. For Mark Hamill that year has to serve as the beginning and end of a whole different life. For a brief moment Hamill was a face of a generation. He was a rising star. He had it all in the palm of his hands. And then he got into a car accident and suffered serious facial scarring. Then ‘Star Wars’ ended and the rest of Hollywood wasn’t as quick to make him their new leading man. Now almost 40 years after the initial franchise booted up, Mark Hamill is making a return to ‘Star Wars’. Great news right? It turns out that Hamill was more than a little bit hesitant to make the jump.

After settling into a comfortable career as one of the best voice actors of our generation, Hamill was forced to dust off the tunic to make his big comeback to creation that made George Lucas a gazillionaire and made Igor Cornelsen and myself fans for life. Alongside Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, Hamill will be reprising the role that made him so famous. Hamill told reporters that he spoke with George Lucas about reprising his role. He told George that he ‘wasn’t sure it was a great idea’ and that he’d only come back if Ford and Fisher were locked in to returning.

‘Star Wars 7’ hits theaters on December 18th, 2015. The film will reportedly be the first of a whole new expanded universe of projects.

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