Paul Herdsman Believes In Teamwork And His Employees’ Success

Paul Herdsman is a businessman who is the COO and co-founder of NICE Global. NICE Global is based in Jamaica. This firm provides outsourced services for businesses who require help with customer service, human resources and technical support. Before co-founding NICE Global, Paul Herdsman worked in other businesses dedicated to providing customer service. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University.

One of the ideas that Paul Herdsman is committed to is teamwork. He believes that a successful entrepreneur will be a person who builds a team of talented individuals. The business owner will be able to delegate important responsibilities to his or her team so that the owner can spend time dealing with the most important aspects of the business.

Mr. Herdsman believes that teamwork is essential among his employees. It is his goal at NICE Global to find employees that are capable of working respectfully and efficiently with one another in order to provide exceptional service for each of NICE Global’s clients.

As a successful businessman, Paul Herdsman understands that it is important to have satisfied and successful employees. The goal is to retain valuable employees who are making a significant contribution to the company.

NICE Global offers comprehensive training to each of its new employees. Mentors are provided such that each new person thoroughly understands the requirements of his or her job. While people are employed with NICE Global, Paul Herdsman makes sure that on going training opportunities are provided. As employees learn more, they are able to take on additional responsibilities and move up within the company.

Paul Herdsman understands that building a solid team is important for his business. He makes sure that his employees have the resources that they need for continued success.

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