Peter Jackson to Work on Smaller Films

Peter Jackson is known for his huge, big budget box office bonanzas such as the Lord of the Rings films, a $200 million King Kong remake, and the recent Hobbit films. Long before he directed such Hollywood fare, he was writing and directing really weird, low budget horror films. The oddball films made him a genre star among the (then) small niche of hardcore horror fans. He, of course, moved on. Now, he is returning to his low budget movie roots.

Business owner Bruce Levenson says Jackson has not noted he will be directing any horror movies. Rather, he is looking to craft a few small true-life docudramas born in New Zealand history. Fans of Jackson remember he had directed an outstanding true crime film titled Heavenly Creatures. Jackson is going to direct more films of this vein. That is surely a good thing because anything that Jackson is truly passionate about is likely to become a great film.

Does this mean that Jackson is done with big Hollywood extravaganzas? No, he will surely return to the director’s chair of a huge movie at some point. He may even work on the sci-fi film Ready Player One for Warner Bros.

At present, it may be best for Jackson to work on smaller projects that do not come with the massive stress of carrying the financial success or collapse of a studio on his shoulders. 

Either way, we are sure to see some outstanding new films from the great director.

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