Promethus 2 Script Finished, Will Feature “Fresh” Alien Monster.

Ridley Scott is, by all metrics, legendary in the film world. Having created smash hit after smash hit, and creating the instant phenomenon that was Alien and Aliens.

In 2012, director Ridley Scott returned to the Alien universe with Prometheus. Though not directly related to his Alien classic, Prometheus introduced an intriguing new aspect to that world while exploring questions posed in the past. Though reception from Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez and other Scott fans were mixed, the director has confirmed that a script for a sequel has been finished and that it will feature a “fresher alien monster”. This coincides with previous news that the classic Xenomorph will not appear in the film. This news does leave one to wonder if this new monster will be a relative of sorts to the Xenomorphs, after all a look-alike made an appearance at the first film’s conclusion (which was originally to be a direct Alien prequel before script re-writes).

“[The original Alien was] the definitive dragon and he’s a mother. The alien’s real which is why it’s probably one of the scariest monsters in film history. So with Prometheus 2, what I’m trying to do is reintroduce a fresher form of alien in the third act.” Scott told an interviewer while discussing Prometheus 2.

Some are left to wonder how wise of a move this may be. Many expected more of an Alien-oriented film two years ago and were surprised to see only referances to that franchise. If fans know going in not to expect an appearance by the classic alien monsters, they may decide against seeing the film at all. Still, Ridley Scott has a vision and seems intent to stick by it. Hopefully more news of the sequel’s plot will be detailed in the future, along with a release date.

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