Realreal –The Best Shopping and Marketing Site in the World

You ought to know the following information about Real Real. The term refers to a luxury beginning having brick-and-Mortar store in SOHO.Recently, a man was seen walking with a daisy print Celine skirt and someone commended to have seen it in Real Real. And that is how billionaires chat during auctions as a way of marketing second hand shopping.

Its shopping consignment distracts many due to its beauty. This creates a sense of personal victory since it behaves like a form of gaming. The beauty itself lures many viewers especially women to pay a daily visit. The rest of the world is not an exempted from being real… real!

The foundation of RealReal is based on the year 1990 by chief executive of pets whose commercials captured a dog sock puppet,” bro Lambchop” making RealReal to offer consignment with promised permission by any company’s employee.

Each item in the display store is also found in online shop. Related sales can scan the customers’ items in person and those considered to be on the floor are removed temporarily from the location view.

Courtney Applebaum designed the store which allows waiting on gorgeous textural couches during appraisal of ones pieces. In front of it is a flower stall where one shops stems of Fox Fodder, coffee bar below and weekly events and seminars. An example of this is Faux Fridays which serves the purpose of directing visitors to identify substandard Louis Vuitton channel and designer sneakers.

The middle floor has a collaborator-curated space whose selection this month was identified by Vanessa Traina together with Allee Goldstein of the Line. Closely, you can be able to scroll over a pile of clothing from a large window of hidden cabinets. The clothes appear well arranged and packed with valuables.

When I entered, the first couple of things I viewed were priced equally. These were Frank Stella copper lithograph and a Balenciaga leather jacket with shearling collar ($2,500).I also observed some marketing done in a welcoming manner by sales people.

To conclude, RealReal is the best marketing site and it will soon take a lion’s share in the global market.

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