Remembering A Few Things: Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a man of many talents. He is a speaker, author, and was a diplomat for the United Kingdom for four years from 2011 to 2015. He was born in England but his family roots lie in Isreal.

He went to college to study law at Oxford, Harvard, and London. When he was asked to become the Isreali Ambassador it was a position that he could not pass up.

It was a chance for him and his family to connect with their roots and their ancient past. In his four years as the ambassador, he has learned many things and in an interview with the Huffington Post, he shares some of those specific details.

The first thing that Daniel Taub talks about is never looking back on a situation. He says that he could have looked at a situation and thought he could have done more or a better job.

When he looks back on it now he knows in his heart that his team had done the best that they could with the situation that they had. He is happy that he and his team continued to reach out and make Isreal a better place.

The second thing that Daniel Taub talks about is reading. He says that he is always trying to read up subjects that are connected to his work. It was probably his favorite part of the job in general.

He has read many books over the four years that he was the ambassador. Some of the books that he has read are classics of literature and a book by one of his predecessors named Yehuda Avner. Now he is currently reading books by Stefan Zweig. He says that a person is what they read. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The third and final thing that Daniel Taub discusses is that he puts his family first. Being the Ambassador to the United Kingdom allowed him to connect with his family and the holy city of Jerusalem.

When he took the post as ambassador it was the first time in his life that he was able to take his family along with him. All of them enjoyed the experience but are happy to be back in England.

Daniel Taub is a man who has it all. He gets to spend time with his family and do what he loves most. Ther is nothing more in life Daniel Taub could ask for.

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