Robert Ivy’s Achievements throughout His Career

Robert Ivy’s Achievements throughout His Career

The training that various workers gain from school and their workplaces might seem but in the real sense, there is still more things that workers can learn. That is why there are several professional societies that have been formed in order to assist in giving workers extra training. As per the reports that were compiled by the American Society of Association Executives in 2010, the United States had more than ninety-two thousand trade and professional societies. The trade professional societies focus on attracting companies as their members. On the other hand, professional associations are always focused on attracting individual workers as their members. These professional societies have several benefits that members who join them get through the educational programs that these companies run. Apart from the knowledge they get from the educational programs, there are also other benefits like getting the opportunities of establishing strong networks in their career field. Members also get the opportunity of establishing credibility by taking on leadership roles and also competing on some awards that have been offered by the professional societies.

Robert Ivy and the Professional Society

Robert Ivy joined the Architectural Record where he served as the editor in Chief in the year 1996. The opportunity that the Architectural Record gave Robert ivy enabled him to get an opportunity of growing his writing skills to the point of publishing an architectural journal that was widely read in the world. After building a good reputation for him during the time was working for the architectural record, Robert Ivy was employed at McGraw where he served the role of the vice president and editorial director.

During Robert Ivy’s tenure at the architectural record, he was able to accomplish a lot for the company. He was also able to earn a lot of publishing industry honors such as premier magazine journalism award, the American Society of Magazine editor’s journal. Through his hard work and the experience he has gained after working for the architectural record for over 2 decades, Roberts is currently considered to be among the best editors who publish journal related to the field of architecture in the United States. Robert Ivy, FAIA, honored with lifetime achievement award


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