Roberto Orci’s Script for Star Trek 3 Has Been Tossed


Poor Roberto Orci, it seems his role on the forthcoming Star Trek 3 is being reduced further. Rumors swirling out of Paramount now suggest that Tom Rothman and  the former director of the project is also the former co-screenwriter. His original script is being rejected in total.

Orci served as a producer on the first two films in the rebooting of the Star Trek franchise. He was originally slated as director and co-writer for the project. Paramount was less than thrilled with the screenplay and Orci’s approach to the project. He was taken out of the director’s chair and replaced with Justin Lin of Fast and the Furious fame. Orci claimed all was well and he would still be on as producer. He also suggested the rumors about the script being disliked were unfounded.

No one knows the whole story (yet), but it seems the Orci screenplay is out the proverbial window. Originally, it was believed the script had to be used since the new film is slated to be released in the summer of 2016. Looks like someone is going to have to write a whole new screenplay really quick.

Orci will still maintain a producer credit thanks to the work he has done so far on the film. His overall involvement in the project is going to be pretty much non-existent.

The Orci screenplay did feature the return of the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner. If Shatner has agreed to appear in the film, project designed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the series, then the legendary actor will surely be written into the new screenplay.

What would a 50th anniversary be without Mr. Shatner?

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