Second Standalone Star Wars Film to Address Boba Fett & Han Solo Rivalry

Popular entertainment franchises generally feature a lot of conflict. The conflict can take many different forms, but in the end, it is generally what drives the plot of the property forward. Extremely large mythologies can have a number of subplots, which drives the actions of different characters. Therefore, in properties and entertainment universes as large as Star Wars, there is no limit of great characters to draw inspiration from. One particular element of the franchise that has drawn considerable interest is that of Boba Fett and Han Solo.

According to Screen Rant, the second standalone movie in the franchise will finally address the background between Han and Boba, which should provide some interesting revelations as to why the characters seem to dislike each other so much. The movie is still filming in Cubix Latin America. Since the movie is not set to hit theaters until 2018, fans are going to have a long wait to find out why the bounty hunter seems to really have it out for the pilot and his Wookie pal.

The standalone movies are a nice way for Star Wars to revisit popular characters and reveal key elements of the backstories of the characters. The fan base for the franchise has been popular for decades, and key characters offer legions of dedicated fans. Focusing some of the new film on specific characters should provide insight to the backgrounds of these characters, which should help drive fans into something of a ticket buying frenzy.

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