Securus Technologies Video Visitations Helping to Detect and Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the premier providers for technological solutions to correctional facilities, all over North America. This Dallas-based company recently made a commercial about their video visitations and it got people talking. Their industry competitors, especially, were totally against this as being unethical. But doesn’t any blooming company get this?


According to a press release made by their boss, their video visitations would not only help inmates keep connected to their loved ones. Rather, it would be instrumental in solving and detecting crimes. With video visitations, the amount and quality of visits will significantly improve. More and more people will be able to virtually visit their families behind bars. Besides, the traditional visitation methods do nothing to motivate families to visit their loved one. Think of the transportation costs, costs and convenience of visiting at your own hours. This is the kind of convenience and cost-efficiency that you will get from using Securus video visitations.


Other than convenience, video visitations are bound to make people behind bars be more involved in the lives of their families. For Example, a father behind bars can virtually assist his children with their homework, this way keeping a bond with them even when they aren’t physically available.


Securus video visitations will also help in crime prevention and detection. If an inmate is to converse planning a crime or talking about various criminal activities they were involved in, this could be used as evidence in court. Also, it will help in the timely report of planned crimes so that the security officers can take action.


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading technological solutions provider for correctional facilities. Their cutting-edge innovations help in the improvement of security all over North America. They are mainly concerned in solving and detecting crimes while enhancing the inmates experience when they are behind bars.




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