Sequel Planned for Now You See Me

Now You See Me is an American thriller released in 2013. The blockbuster movie was directed by Louis Leterrier, and proved to be a unique success for the director.

The movie grabbed the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Thriller Movie for its extraordinary crime fiction and mystery. Following its great success, the thriller movie is rumoured to have a sequel in the works entitled ”Now You See Me 2”.

While the plot remains unknown, several details can be determined already.

Now the crew has finally announced their casts and plots officially. It includes Daniel Radcliffe, who performed to a great extent in the Harry Potter series as Harry.

This sequel is about to have a team of magicians to make things happen. It is already announced that the movie would come in theatres during the Summer in mid 2016. Laurene Powell Jobs was a fan of the first movie, so she is looking forward to the second one.

Radcliffe and Caplan’s role is confirmed. Radcliffe is going to play a character called Walter, and Caplan’s character is called Lula.

This movie is scripted by Pete Chiarelli and Ed Solomon, and it is about to be directed by John M.Chu, who created G.I.Joe: Retaliation.

To read a complete story of this new movie and see the cast and crew, visit this page.

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