Seymour Segnit And His Super Fast Charger

Most modern chargers are cheaply made, and it shows. The consumer is frustrated with their lack of options and the fact that many of them feel that they have no choice but to purchase multiple chargers if they wish to keep their electronic devices steadily charged.

Enter the MAGFAST Charger

One of the only ways to solve the issue of having so many cheap chargers is to try to invent one that is wireless and can be used nearly universally. This is what the MAGFAST charger is. It is a lot easier to standardize chargers across the wireless space than it is to try to get manufacturers to go back to the drawing board and try to make their wired chargers all the same.

Seymour Segnit, the CEO of MAGFAST, believes that his chargers need to be portable, rapidly charging, and compatible across nearly every device. That is what his company has managed to do. Under his leadership, they have made great strides towards that goal. Segnit himself is an experienced CEO who cares about the work that goes into every product that he releases to the public, and you can see that work in action when he puts out something new.

From Humble Beginnings

You should know that MAGFAST came from humble beginnings. They are not some Silicon Valley laboratory experiment. Rather, they evolved from a crowdsource funded company into what they are today. That is a big testament to the power of this company to get things done. People have had faith in them for a long time, and it is paying off now.

The product that they produce is entirely wireless, and they intend to keep things that way. They want every customer that they get to know that the product that they have purchased is one that has had a lot of work put into it. It helps them stand out from all of the other charger producers.

Consumers may purchase just about any charger today thinking that they will get virtually the same experience regardless, but that is not the case if they fork over the money for a MAGFAST charger. The experience will be much better.

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