Should You Start Using Wen?

If you’ve seen advertisements for Wen hair care products, you may have been tempted to buy some of the shampoos and conditioners. Wen uses plant oils and extracts in their products, which gives the hair a pleasant smell and helps to condition the tresses without the use of harsh chemicals. Even though several celebrities have endorsed the products, you may still be a little skeptical. That’s why Bustle’s Emily McClure tested Sephora endorsed Fig conditioner from Wen for seven days and found that it may be a worthwhile purchase.

After using the conditioner just one day, Emily found that her hair was shinier and even felt thicker. She continued to use the conditioner for two more days, and said that her hair felt like it had more volume. Her hair still retained its moisture by the fourth day, even though she didn’t have time to wash her hair. She added a few curls to her coif for added volume, but they fell pretty quickly.

Emily’s hair continued to look healthier throughout the week, and her friends even commented on the shininess of her hair. Overall, McClure says she was satisfied with Wen conditioner. She says it’s best for women with naturally thin hair and will give them total beauty.

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