Siegall Inspired to Cure Cancer

Clay Siegall, President and CEO of Seattle Genetics, has always wanted to work towards finding a cure for cancer. In a Facebook post to the George Washington School of Medicine, he discusses his father’s own cancer and how it inspired him to go into cancer research. Siegall Facebook George Washington The post links to the following story where he accounts how his career path began to form Siegall inspiration to go into cancer research. He recounts the trips to oncologists and how he would talk to them and inquire about what they do and why.


In 1998, he co-founded Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology institute, which specializes in cancer research and treatment. His company works tirelessly to discover and develop anti-body conjugate treatments. Their main drug Adcetris has met with much success in the trials and is quickly becoming a frontline treatment. The treatments produced by Seattle Genetics are less harsh than chemotherapy treatments. He has also used his vision and leadership to help the company grow and expand.


Through partnerships with other companies over its anti-drug conjugate licenses, Siegall has helped the company to earn 325 million. They also have 12 new drugs in development. These new drugs will help to treat different cancers and are entering the trial phases. Also, he has expanded the workforce tremendously and is looking to expand and grow even more. Siegall understands the importance of finding treatments that help to improve the patient’s quality of life. Siegall is working towards fulfilling his dream of finding a cure for cancer.

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