Sigourney Weaver and Neil Blomkamp May Team Up For Alien Sequel

The Alien movies are one of the most interesting series of science fiction films ever made. The first two films are considered classics that defined the genre of horror science fiction; however, the subsequent films in the series have been lackluster at best. There hasn’t been a great Alien movie made in almost 30 years.

It appears that might be about to change as The Guardian is reporting that a new Alien film under the direction ofDistrict 9’s Neil Blomkamp could be in the works. Furthermore, if the movie does materialize, Sigourney Weaver said she would return one more time to play Ellen Ripley, who was the central character throughout most of the series.

Blomkamp said 20th Century Fox wants to proceed with the movie, but he is not sure he wants to at this time. In fact, the director has released concept art he developed for the film that shows Ripley in a space jokey helmet. The Guardian said Blomkamp and Weaver collaborated on the potential movie while filming the new movie Chappie, which hits theaters next month.

Weaver previously indicated she was done with the series after the release of Alien: Resurrection in 1997. She said she is interested in being part of the Blomkamp vision of Alien because it would be organic and very original compared to previous sequels exciting fans like Flavio Maluf.

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