Sony May Have The Last Laugh With “The Interview” VOD Performance

The Comedy Has Been Downloaded Over 2 Million Times

Kim Jong-un and his countrymen may not be thrilled about Sony’s decision to allow the controversial film “The Interview” to be downloaded, but Sony is laughing all the way to the bank. The film about a mindless TV host’s mission to assassinate the Korean leader was going to be released in 3,000 theaters on Christmas Day, and the plan was to Skout out and generate $20 million during the first few days. But those plans were scraped due to threats by North Korea. But The comedy did earn $3 million at independent box offices and another $15 million online in just a few days.

Sony didn’t expect this kind of reaction according to Sony’s president of worldwide distribution, Rory Bruer. Mr. Bruer told Variety on Sunday morning “We worked hard to get the film out there by Christmas Day. It was such a whirlwind to get it done that it amazes me that we were able to make it happen.”

North Korea publicly intimidated Sony after hackers threatened violence if the film was released in theaters across the country. But Sony found a solution. The company found 331 independent theaters, and that worked for them. The film’s unique distribution required the input of Sony’s theatrical distribution team, and its home entertainment staff.

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