Southridge Capital’s success in more than two decades

The financial market is without a doubt the most unpredictable and volatile market in the world. Fortunately, for many, the existence of Southridge Capital as a financial companion has been of great help to many companies. Southridge Capital as a market trendsetter has one of the most skilled financial experts in financial markets, and this explains why the company has been able to invest successfully close to 2 billion dollars in the past 22 years. Through its well-structured team, the company has also been of great help to private companies going public as well as being instrumental in providing real-time business advisory to young and established companies as well as providing financial solutions.

As a company in the fast-changing world of finance, Southridge Capital is in touch with new trends. With the skilled human resource in this company, the company has analyzed the cryptocurrency in the past five years. In the analyzing of blockchain technology, the company has navigated how a standard financial institution can benefit from this technology. The company, for example, explains the importance and the good disruptive reality the cryptocurrency has introduced in the financial market. Besides, the decentralization of currency and security of each transaction is revolutionary as far as the consistency in money market is concerned.

The success story of this financial company is incomplete without mentioning Stephen M. Hicks. As an experienced financial guru in the competitive USA market, he has guided Southridge to what we know today. As a founder of this revolutionary company, Southridge Capital wanted to bring his expertise in risk arbitrage, different financial structuring and investment banking closer to private and growing companies. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The Business Administration (both BA and MBA) from the prestigious New York universities, has transformed the industry through Southridge Capital. According to him, being knowledgeable about financial market requires him to be informed, and this explains his loyalty in reading Wall Street Journal and other relevant financial journals. Besides, Stephen M. Hicks believes that for one to be competitive and trendsetter in the financial markets, they must know how to get new clients while putting structures to retain the old clients. You can visit their Facebook page.



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