Star Wars Fans Jump at any News About the Latest Installment

Nerds the world over wait with bated breath for every leaked tidbit about the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We have waited a long time after all for another chapter in this epic science fiction saga. Those of us who saw the original movies as kids wait to see what JJ Abrams will do with these new sequels. Especially after not being as thrilled(to put it mildly) with the prequels that started coming out almost two decades ago.

News of the release of the names of the characters featured in the trailer for this latest movie in the series has given us star wars fans something to salivate over for the time being. Entertainment weekly just released the images of the characters and their names. The most awesome aspect is that they were released in the form of trading cards reminiscent of those originally sold in 1977 about the original Star Wars film. The makers of this latest installment in this legendary saga seem to be paying homage to their predecessors.

This is one movie that many people are anticipating like few others, says activist Keith Mann. If it is done right, it may represent the chance for those who were around at the start of the magic that is Star Wars to experience it once again. It will also give our children new cinematic adventure filled memories that they can cherish for a lifetime and share with their kids on DVD or hologram or whatever they’ll be using by then. Bring it on JJ Abrams and crew and let us relive our childhoods one last time!

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