Star Wars: Rogue One Updates

Star Wars is heavily considered and unapologetically the most influential and thorough film franchise of all time. Seven films have spawned the series over the course of nearly forty years.

New Information on Star Wars: Rogue One

With the massive success of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and the way it offered something new for moviegoers while adding in a ton of nostalgia for older fans, Disney studios has decided to create a spin-off film called “Star Wars: Rogue One.” Nothing more than basic information has been available for quite some time, but just recently some new details involving the plot, story, setting and characters in the movie have come into the light.

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For starters “Rogue One” is going to take place shortly before Episode IV: A New Hope, and focus on the heroes, who are a group of Rebels who have stolen the plans to the Death Star, thus setting in motion the events of the original trilogy. With this in mind the idea that famous characters from the series may appear in the movie and play a significant role in it is very much a possibility, specifically Darth Vader or Boba Fett.

At the moment, much of this is just speculation. There’s also some rumors floating around that Felicity Jones and Diego Luna, who are already in the film, may at one point disguise themselves as high ranking Imperial Commanders and gunners.

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