Steve Lesnard: An Expert In The World Of Sports Marketing

Steve Lesnard is an expert in sports marketing and has worked for one of the largest athletic brands in the world. Graduating from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College, Steve Lesnard earned his Master of Business Administration degree in 1996. Prior to becoming a professional sports marketer, Steve Lesnard was the marketing director of Wolford. Wolford is a fashion retailer based in New York.

Marketing In The World Of Sports

Today, we take a look at a recent article dated March 1st of 2019. The article begins with a brief description of Mr. Steve Lesnard’s history. It begins by saying that Mr. Lesnard has “decades of experience in the sports marketing industry.” It then talks about his early childhood. Growing up in France, Mr. Lesnard was passionately involved in sports and was interested entrepreneurship. Because of this, he later moved to the United States to earn his MBA.

Fueled by his two passions (sports and business), Mr. Lesnard began his career in the sports industry during the 1998 Winter Olympics. He was tasked to sign athletes and participate in the creation of seasonal products. From this, his focused turned to “product creation”. Developing products for athletes gave Mr. Lesnard the knowledge and experience to take on roles that “emphasized” on marketing and management.

Big data analytics is a process of examining large and varied data to aid in uncovering patterns and trends. Mr. Lesnard is an avid user of big data analytics to launch successful marketing campaigns. He says that data that is analyzed by the use of “powerful analytical tools” can be “of great benefit in any campaign”. Today, technology and the data from it has given marketers beneficial tools to successfully create a customized experience for consumers.

The article then moves on to talk about consumer trends. Mr. Lesnard mentions that in today’s “health conscious” society, the way consumers shop for products has changed. He then gives his insight and says that companies should “find out” what consumers are truly looking for and produce a product that caters specifically to it. A company must understand its consumer’s needs and wants.

Mr. Lesnard continues to provide his insight into the world of sports marketing. To read the full article, please click here.

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