Steve Lesnard on Influencer Marketing

To successfully market a product, the strategy has evolved into defining the balance between exposure of the product and utilizing whatever means will be the the most consistent and stable to associate a positive brand image. Steve Lesnard a marketing and advertising expert weighs in.

Steve Lesnard’s theory on maximizing influencer marketing strategy focuses on two key aspects in brand management that should be considered. He proposes the first key strategy is to establish an authentic connection with your influencers. Steve’s explanation makes a strong argument on why this is so. It would be advantageous to be aligned with who you as a business owner choose to be your brand ambassador. In 2019 the hype and positive reviews of your product by a strong advocate like an influencer is crucial to your success in selling units and managing a likable image of what your product should be. An authentic connection will better allow you to choose an influencer who can help to build a greater reach to your desired customer base.

Steve’s second key aspect is that you should not only focus on your influencers to be your brand advocate. You should not overlook the importance of planning carefully on your own and by seeking users you already have or people who could become super users. While these individuals or groups may not be as apparent to a consumer at first they are the trick to bringing the consumer towards purchasing a product or service. Word of mouth is still king in some format or another. When someone goes to purchase anything it pays to always research first and read reviews. What better method than to use someone you know already enjoys and takes pride in what you offer to be your marketing associate?

Great points by Steve Lesnar. While influencer marketing can be challenging to break into it can be an asset with the right ideas to guide you.

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