Susan McGalla Inspires Females with Her Corporate Expertise

There are some people that just know the right things to say at the right times. Susan McGalla is one such person. She has been able captivate a crowd with the words of encouragement that she has for women. As a woman that has been in the business world I appreciate someone like Susan McGalla that has gone through many facets of business.

Her name stands out in the business world because she has had a major role in shaping companies like American Eagle and Wet Seal. She has captured the attention of businesses that desire her branding skills by starting her own company. This is all incredibly impressive because she could have let the barriers to entry in the corporate structure stop her. She chose not to let these things deter her though. She was someone that has managed to build up a career that has spanned over more than a decade in leadership roles. I am impressed with Susan McGalla because she has been able to ride the wave and do things that people just would not believe where possible.

She became the CEO of American Eagle at a time when there were not a lot of women in CEO positions. She realizes how important this was to breaking barriers for women. She also has been able to maintain a quiet strength that has taken her to different platforms. There are so many people that are able to move up in the corporate chain, but many of these people are men. What McGalla has been able to do is show her skills and prove that she has the knowledge and the power to be the best at what she does.

I was a marketing major, and I know that I could not have gotten as far as I have without my college degree. McGalla realizes the importance of higher education as well, and she reminds women that this is something that they will have to do in order to build their knowledge and make themselves competitive in the business world. There are lots of obstacles that can stand in a person’s way, but Susan McGalla has always been one to take on those challenges. She has stood her ground and made a name for herself even as a wife and mother. When men in the corporate world wanted to say that women could not have children and still lead companies Susan McGalla was right there to disprove this. She would prove herself time and time again. This is what I have come to like the most about McGalla. She has this unwavering resilient spirit that keeps her floating right back to the top whenever challenges come her way.

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