Susan McGalla Is Inspiring Others With Her Unique Experience

Susan McGalla is making a splash in the world of business consulting. McGalla built on here core strengths and founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. This consultancy builds on her areas of expertise, which include branding, talent management, operational efficiency, and marketing. McGalla worked her way up the retail ladder at American Outfitters. When she started with American Outfitters, they had very few women even working at the company besides her. It was a testament to her drive that she was able to gain consistent promotions during her time at the company. McGalla credits her father for teaching her at a young age that gender should never hold her back from pursuing her dreams.

McGalla is now consulting with clients who are looking to take their careers to the highest level. She’s able to give them actionable knowledge that can help them set their goals while developing a mindset for advancement. McGalla learned about operational efficiencies during her time with American Outfitters. She oversaw the e-commerce website and four brands that brought in $4 billion in revenues. That gave her a lot of insight into the process that’s necessary to grow rapidly. She can help clients who are in the same position move past their limitations to take their career and their businesses to the next level. McGalla is an in-demand speaker who has told her story to audiences around the country.

Many people who work for a company find that they stall out at some point. There are many reasons that might happen, and they’re not always obvious. Since Susun McGalla has worked her way all up the ladder, she has deep insight into what it takes to advance in a corporate career. People who are looking to move past their current career limitations can pick her brain as part of her consultancy to get the kind of information they need to advance. People hire consultants so they can greatly reduce their learning curves. McGalla also consults about retail, which is a hot topic for anyone who has to do branding and merchandising. Her brand experience has helped land her an appointment with Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla is working with them in a strategic fashion to help them with merchandising and branding. She brings her omni-channel branding experience to bear for the vaunted NFL franchise.

Susan McGalla’s career is proof that people can rise through the ranks of a corporation if they ignore obstacles and keep their eyes on the prize. If she would have accepted the idea that her gender was a limiting role, she would not have been able to experience the kind of success she has had. That’s the lesson that she teaches others when she works with them. There’s no reason to limit your options for success because you think an external force is preventing your progress. Instead, you have to keep on pushing despite the current obstacles. People who do that, like McGalla, can go further than many may have imagined. That’s a lesson worth learning for everyone.

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