Susan McGalla Supporting the Growth of Mentoring Programs in Companies

The corporate world is filled with a lot of prejudice towards women, or so it would seem from the outside. It is primarily because even with so much advancement in just about every field today, not many women are seen in the top executive positions. Also though things have changed and many women have risen to high positions, the ratio between men and women at the senior spots are far from being equal.

Susan McGalla, one of the most enterprising and successful female entrepreneurs and businesswomen in the United States has addressed this issue in many of her articles and interviews. She has worked at the top positions as President and CEO of companies such as American Eagle Outfitters Inc and Wet Seals Inc and has also founded her own consulting firm by the name of P3 Executive Consulting Inc.

Susan McGalla feels that women today are no less than men in anyways, but there is a bit of support that women need to scale the ladder of success in the industry. One of the most important things that women must do is to make sure that they complete their studies and get their degrees from reputed universities. Susan McGalla feels that education is what would help women stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the corporate world and would also help them land their dream job. Susan McGalla feels that the companies should also be more encouraging towards dedicated and passionate women who deserve.

Susan McGalla feels that if the companies today have mentoring programs for women, it would become much more comfortable for the women to express themselves and confront their fear at workplaces. It would also help the women get the direction and guidance they need to achieve their professional goals seamlessly, which would be beneficial for the company as well at the same time.

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