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Toyo Setal has the Opportunity to Complete an Important Project in Rio

The Toyo Setalcompany, based out of Brazil, has been making some big moves lately and the leadership team was recently able to make a major announcement. This announcement that Toyo Setal announced is that the company has come out on top of a process of bidding that took over a year to finalize. This bidding process was regarding the contract for construction projects with the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex. It has been since 2015 that was has been at a halt on this project. Getting it moving along again has been a top priority for Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex and there is much excitement about being able to bring in Toyo Setal. This is not the first time that these two organizations have worked together and there is a large amount of excitement surrounding the rekindling of a positive working relationship. With a deadline fast approaching, both organizations look forward to moving things ahead.

The importance of this new contract was recently emphasized by Rafael Ribeiro de Mendonca Lima of Toyo Setal. He is the firm’s Commercial Manager. A major point that he made regarding this contract is the fact that it represents two great companies working together once again. His team looks forward to showing what they can do within the scope of this outstanding opportunity. The company is going to have the chance to complete a major project that has been stalled out now for some time. The team took great care in evaluating the areas that still need to be accomplished to complete this major work. To know more about the company click here.

The ceasing of work on this project over the last few years has been a major problem for the city of Rio de Janeiro’s Itaborai area. The work previously shutting down has caused a great deal of economic hardship. This is a major reason why all involved are excited about being able to bring in a dedicated firm like Toyo Setal. This work poses a great potential to stimulate the economy in Brazil. It is yet another opportunity for the team at Toyo to show what they can do.