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OSI Group- World’s leading food service

OSI Group is the leading worldwide supplier of food products to the world’s chief food service and premier food brands. As one of the America’s largest food companies, they provide best services maintaining exceptional nutrition for health and happiness of their customers. With the framework and available assets of one of the major food providers, they give you boundless proficiency to source, grow, thrive, yield and present custom protein items and other food products anywhere in the world. The company proposes food solutions for breakfast and lunches, side dishes, desserts and snacks. It also offers hot dogs, bacons, breakfast sausages and particularly sausages, cooked beef, pork products, raw and cooked chicken. It has excelled in these goods as well as fresh, frozen and processed beef patties over many years, providing better results that are purely divergent.

Prominent companies are progressively choosing a unified approach, establishing environmental stability on an equal level with health and safety, making themselves more credible. Each year Globe of Honor award is given by the British Safety Council to businesses that show marvelous dedication to environmental safety. Similarly Sword of Honor is given to businesses that exhibit their assurance to health and safety. OSI Group was again awarded by the Globe of Honor in 2016. The company got the renowned award because of its stupendous environmental risk management policies. It had gained five stars during the British Safety Council environmental awareness audits. It was also rewarded by the Sword of Honor. This organization showed distinction in managing environmental hazards in all these years. Such acknowledgment was made to confirm that OSI Group is conscious about the safety of its unique food items.

OSI Group is a privately owned organization of meat processors. It has helped to transform the supply of food products around the globe with its vast options of quality products. With its more than 100 years of competence in the food industry, it has made its valuable place in this business and presented excellence when it comes to providing and distributing supreme food solutions. And it continues to flourish and broaden its performance. It recently earned Flagship Europe, BAHO Foods as well as Tyson Food Plant. That is the reason why they are one of America’s top 100 food companies.