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Isabel Dos Santos on Working for Angola’s Economy

Discussions about the economy tend to spend too much time looking at the buying power of a currency and the fate of large businesses. Little room is left to discuss the impact on ordinary people. this remains true for discussions about financial hubs like New York and developing countries like Angola. Business magnate Isabel dos Santos sees that disconnect, and it’s driving her business mission in her home country. When cable news discusses macroeconomics, its often at the peril of microeconomics. That means that too many of us are oblivious about the influence a new business can have on a single person. The potential for wage growth, for example, can be directly influenced by businesses within the community succeeding or failing.

One way Isabel dos Santos has changed the way business is done in Angola is to get more women into the workforce. This means opening up the doors of businesses to women who are overlooked by competitors and giving them leadership positions. This has two major affects: giving young women inspiration to pursue their own business professional passion and to have a social impact on women’s behalf. When more people are involved, the economy grows. Isabel dos Santos sees the economy as a group effort to make more, provide more services. In recent years, Angolan businesses that have limited women in their managerial roles have found it difficult to grow in the current climate. A business can have a solid plan on paper, but without good infrastructure it may never go forward.

Several countries in Africa have problems with their infrastructure that can keep necessary goods away from the people who need it. Distribution suffers, and that impacts people’s quality of life. Infrastructure goes beyond roads and to communications. Her business acumen is perhaps best known in Angola for Unitel. Her telecommunications company provides mobile services to both cities and in the country. That’s helped along with fiber optic cables Unitel installed, helping along the development of internet access there. About Isabel dos Santos studied at King’s College, and with a degree in electrical engineering, she became interested in technology and its potential for change. She often cites the electrical car in her talks, pointing to its influence on the economy. It means new retailers, manufacturing plants, and service locations tailored for those cars. With technology, the economy can grow and so can people.


Organo Gold and Organic Products

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Challengers and Solutions Faced by Michael Nierenberg

For many years, Michael Nierenberg has been a successful leader within the investment industry. He is the leader of New Residential Investment Corp and many other organizations specific to banking and investments. He has his extensive knowledge and impressive education through many high-quality schools around the country, so you can feel confident in choosing Michael Nierenberg for any of your investment needs.

He has faced a range of challenges and have always found solutions for what is presented to him, giving him an edge over some of the other investment professionals out on the market right now. You can find Michael Nierenberg on his social media sites as well as EverybodyWiki to get a feel for what he is offering to those looking to use his outstanding services.

You can feel confident in what Michael Nierenberg brings to the table simply because he works with many different providers and is always doing his best work to ensure that his customers get the best options and services available to them. You will enjoy this professional and all of the work he has done for people nationwide who are in need of the best type of investment solutions for all of their many needs without doing it on their own.

Shervin Pishevar’s State of the Union: A 21 Hour Twitter Discourse

Yet he returned to the spotlight in February in an all-encompassing tweet storm that covered everything from bonds, bitcoins, infrastructure, and Elon Musk.

The plummeting stock market seemed to be the impetus behind the 21 hour discourse. After the stock market’s February fall, Pishevar tweeted a series of fifty points detailing his market predictions. As 2018’s gains were wiped out with the stock market’s fall, Pishevar posited that 2017’s gains will also be wiped out due to “rising interest rates, increasing credit account deficits and tax giveaways.” He went on to argue that the practice of quantitative easing may have helped reset markets but has been used too many times to be effective. Quantitive Easing [sic] is only thing that has ever had long term predictable results out of their toolset. Don’t be fooled by it.”

Shervin Pishevar then turned to the future of the bitcoin (“Bitcoin will continue to crash but stabiliza at 2-5k range and begin a more stable rise over next 24 mos’s”) and the sad state of US infrastructure (“Meanwhile our infrastructure is in tatters, decrypt and decaying. Our government and companies are trapped in short term thinking.”). On a more positive note, Pishevar believes that crumbling infrastructure will create at least one positive result for Virgin Hyperloop, of which Shervin Pishevar is co-founder: “Moonshot like SpaceX + Virgin Hyperloop One rise but they suffer derision until teams will it to reality. Exceptions to rule.”

The ideas Pishevar expressed on Twitter do not represent new ideas. He has expressed them all before. Still, they are still worth consideration. Shervin Pishevar’s 2008 prediction regarding Facebook’s eventual identity crisis proves his canny ability to predict the future. Somewhere within his 50 tweets is sure to be much more than just a grain of truth.