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JD Corporate Blog Highlights the Efforts It Is Putting to Alleviate Poverty in China

JD.COM, China’s leading e-commerce platform, has grown tremendously to serve a big customer-base in China. It has leverages technological advances to streamline its business operations. Through its corporate blog, the company led by Richard Liu Qiangdong highlights the advances it is making in not only their business endeavors, but also impacting the community positively. One particular post that can’t go unnoticed is how it is revolutionizing the industry of raising chickens.

Jingdong launched a “Running Chicken” initiative to promote raising of quality chicken in economically disadvantaged regions of China. The program is aimed at reducing poverty levels in marginalized areas of China. The initiative offers dual benefits to JD because it produces top quality chicken meat for its discerning shoppers while reducing poverty levels in Wuyi County. The initiative has been highly successful with sales of the free-range chicken doubling in its first two years. JD.COM provides interest free loans to farmers to empower them to do poultry farming.

With the loans and other interventions, more than 500 families have benefited. The farmers are helped to take care of the chicken by professional breeders hired by Jingdong. Additionally, many people have gotten employed as a result of the initiative. In the JD farms, free range chicken are raised to provide a more ethical as well as healthier choice for consumers. They are referred to as free-range chicken because they are free to move around, exercise in fresh air as well as sunshine. The success of the initiative has expanded the company’s philanthropic reach. The company has launched some other initiatives aimed at promoting poverty alleviation. Click here.