Taking a Look at John Textor’s Hollywood Career

John Textor is at this time is actively developing the entertainment chattels across the vast continuum of places as well as technological platforms. Besides, his management in the extensive utilization of photo-realistic, virtue characters, Textor is at the same time working as the Producer of Art Story, which is an original animation feature movie presently undergoing development by Disney experienced filmmakers by the name Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. Textor also served as the Producer/Executive producer of Ender’s game, which is Sci-fi fantasy film planned for worldwide launching in November 2013.

Mr. Textor was formerly Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain Productions and also Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the company that started it, Digital Domain Media Group. This company is recognized as its parent company since it is the one that helped in its purchase and restructuring from May 2006 to August 2012.

Jointly, these two companies had the responsibility for the creation of visual effects that were used in over 80 prominent feature movies, 25 of which underwent completion during the leadership of Mr. Textor. Some of these films include the following; Transformers, Real Steel, Flags of our Fathers, Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End and Tron: Legacy. All through the management period of Mr. Textor, Digital Domain was revived as a leader in the market of visual effects, winning several Academy Awards, CLIO promotion awards and, most significantly, getting the recognition as the foremost visual effects corporation to bring forth realistic digital human characters in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

This triumph, recognized as the “Holy Grail of Animation”, made the corporation to get a 2009 Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects. The performance done by the corporation’s virtue actor that took one hour was so true to life to audiences and also the Academy voters thus making the movie to be awarded an Academy Award for Best Make-up, although the actor was totally digital.

Additional highlights that were seen during the tenure of Mr. Textor included the triumphant creation of a digital Tupac Shakur that performed during the Coachella Valley Music festival in 2012, the fulfillment of a partnership undertaking that saw the rebirth of Elvis Presley, the development of an exceptional, dual-enrollment degree program with Florida State University, conclusion of a $100million joint business enterprise deal with the autonomous media authority of Abu Dhabi and also the change of Digital Domain into a movie production firm with co-production of Ender’s Game.

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