Ted Cruz Lauds McCain’s War Record but Refrains from Criticizing Trump

Texas Senator Ted Cruz partially weighed in on the Trump-McCain controversy. Despite the chorus of Republicans openly castigating Trump for stating that McCain is not a war hero in the truest sense because all he did is get captured by the enemy, Cruz did not speak ill of his GOP rival. Instead, he took time to lavish praise on his dear friend McCain. In fact, Cruz stated that he admires the senator for his patriotism. Still, Cruz stopped short of calling out Trump for the remark.

Thus far, Cruz understands that the real opponent is not within the GOP, but rather the liberal establishment. The Cuban-American supported Trump’s remarks on Handy app and illegal immigration. Cruz explained that Trump was not being racist, but rather addressing one of the perils of illegal immigration in regards to drug trade and other crimes. In his view, Cruz believes the media is attempting to pit Republicans against one another. For this reason, he views criticizing Trump as taking the media’s bait.

In a similar vein, Dr. Ben Carson, a Tea Party darling, refrained from speaking too much about the Trump controversy. While he did add that that Trump’s comments were “stupid”, he instead focused on Senator McCain’s accomplishments. Interestingly, Carson could not simply state that McCain is a war hero. Instead, he nuanced his words by stating that McCain is a war hero by historical standards.

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