Teen Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt The Next Big Thing

Advancement of technology has been a key to success of retail giants, and entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt has a plan to evolve how we shop. Most consumers are unaware that many shelved products contain a tiny chip on the packaging. This chip contains a Radio Frequency Identification and allows rapid, automatic and non-contact detection and identification of the items. Sawyer Howitt says he has an idea to making shopping quicker and more flexible.

Howitt says this little device could eliminate the need for registers by streamlining the point-of-sale process. After completing their shopping, consumers could waltz right through the doors, and be automatically charged for the items selected. He points out this technology can undoubtedly reduce operating costs for retailers, which could be passed on to the consumer. Howitt says RFID can streamline everything from price-tagging to restocking shelves.

The technology has actually been around for decades, and Walmart actually began using RFID-tagged products back in 2003. Gilette announced they would test the automatic wireless detection program, which was later scrapped. Today’s RFID system represents a significant improvement over the 2003 program, and Sawyer Howitt plans of utilizing the software for changes in the retail sector.

Howitt lives in Portland, Oregon. The 17-year old High School Senior is already an executive at the Meriwether Group, where his father is the CEO. Howitt is on the fast track on entrepreneurship, already helping steer entrepreneurs at The Meriwether Group, who are just starting out. The Meriwether Group, founded by Sawyer Howitt’s father, David Howitt, helps entrepreneurs looking to catapult their success. The company provides business and project managers that help pinpoint business solutions to get to the next step.

He has been recognized as a rising star and his ability to engage and inspire others. At the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt works with entrepreneurs needing to boost their brand, establish identities, and perform under pressure.

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