The Biggest Sword-And-Sandal Movie Flops

Following the wake of the epic “300”‘s success, and the massive impact of Norse-mythology-inspired-superhero film “Thor” (and sequels), it seems every film studio and their mothers are trying to cash in on the craze. Fulfilling cravings for specific content would benefit fans if the results were actually good. Unfortunately most of it has been sub-par.

Most obvious of these failures is the recent “Exodus: Gods And Kings” which made the baffling decision to recast decidedly dark-skinned historical figures as jars of mayonnaise, proceeded to wring them through a terrible script and attempted to hide the screenwriters’ incompetence under special effects. Critics weren’t fooled. If you want a visually interesting and more faithful adaptation of the Exodus, Skout wrote up some options on their Twitter profile. You should try”The Prince of Egypt” or old-school “The Ten Commandments”.

Other floppy farces have included “The Legend of Hercules“, “Pompeii“, bothPercy Jackson” films, and “Alexander“.

Face it, film studios: your movie’s probably not going to be the next “Gladiator” or “Passion Of The Christ”. Don’t think slapping a scimitar in a chiseled white man’s clenched fist and having him jump around in slow-motion equals success. Moviegoers aren’t stupid enough to fall for that.

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