The Business Strategy of Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov has been praised by many of the top business minds in the world. The reason he receives this praise is that he has accomplished a lot at a very young age. He gained international fame by being the creator of the JetSmarter app. This app allows a person to charter a flight on a private plane on their smartphone. The speed with which they are able to book the flight is truly remarkable. The app exploded in popularity. This did not escape the notice of many major business leaders and entrepreneurs. They realized that Sergey is a person to be watched in the coming years.

Sergey Petrossov has a very interesting strategy that he uses for the various business ventures that he is involved in. He will do an informal survey of people who are complete strangers to him. He will describe the idea for the new app or business that he is thinking about investing in. He will then take a close look at all of the feedback that these people provide him with. This can be very valuable when he is trying to figure out if the general public will be interested in the service that the new business provides.

Sergey Petrossov will also look at everything from a standpoint of potential profit that the business venture might be able to generate. He will then think about how much the business will cost to start. What will the overhead be? What will the promotional costs be? How long will it take until the new product, app or company can be launched? He needs to consider all of the potential costs in order to put a budget together. This will allow him to decide if he wants to move forward with the idea.

Sergey is always looking to the future. He believes that his ability to anticipate the wants and needs of people has been the main reason for his huge success. He likes to try to figure out where society is headed. He can then use this to decide which business venture he is going to pour his money into.

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